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Index of cases; Allegations of abuse by NZ Police


This page last updated Aug 4 2007

Louise Nicholas2007 Louise Nicholas vs John Dewar
John Dewar vs Louise Nicholas, Trial July-Aug 2007

Dewar accused of obstruction of justice; Trial proceeding

Clint Rickards plaster cast2007 The plaster-cast false allegation case   
Clint Rickards, Brad Shipton, Bob Schollum vs "Jane Doe", Trial February 2007

Defendants found Not Guilty, Strong evidence that complainant was lying
The complainant's name is suppressed.

Judith Garrett2006 The case where the Prime Minister's hair stood on end
Tim Ogle vs Judith Garrett

Defendant found Not Guilty; Strong evidence that sex was consensual
Defence lawyer critical of his client being charged

Louise Nicholas2006 Louise Nicholas - Serial accuser false allegation case
Clint Rickards, Brad Shipton, Bob Schollum vs Louise Nicholas Trial 2006

Defendants found Not Guilty; Witness corroborates defendants story.
Louise Nicholas has history which includes an admitted false allegation of rape

2005 Mt Maunganui Pack Rape case
Brad Shipton, Bob Schollum, Peter McNamara, Warren Hales

Defendants found Guilty      No concrete evidence: This site is therefore
concerned about a miscarriage of justice in this historical case

Kelvin Powell2005 Waikato Police Chief accused of rape
Kelvin Powell vs "Jane Doe"

Defendant found Not Guilty
Case was historical, and involved disputed consensual sex.

2004 An avalanche of allegations
following the bombshell that an Assistant Commissioner of Police (Clint Rickards) has been accused of rape. Within days, the Prime Minister has announced a Commission of Inquiry and said that the allegations made the hair on her head stand on end. Encouraged by publicity that suggests complainants will be unconditionally believed, more allegations are made