The Christchurch Civic Crèche Case

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Police Misconduct; Incompetence
Law Reform - compensation for wrongful imprisonment

The Trevor Franklin Police Botchup

This page last updated February 8 2006

This case has been included on this site for two reasons

(1)  The case is another example of the power of the police to perpetrate harm. If police officers make up their own minds who is guilty before they investigate, and from that time on fail to carry out their duties to thoroughly investigate, or alternatively only seek out evidence that "fits" their pre-judgement, miscarriages of justice are very likely to occur.

Readers who have followed the Ellis case will see remarkable similarities to the similar incompetent police investigations associated with the Christchurch Creche

(2)  Three teenage girls were wrongfully imprisoned as a result of this case. They were eventually freed. What is disturbing since, is the extremely mean spirited offer of compensation that the (Labour) Government has offered the girls.  It appears that Phil Goff has absolutely no comprehension of the trauma and harm done to the wrongfully convicted, and especially the consequences on young teenagers affected by such injustice.


Summary of the Case
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Trevor Franklin

Ex Test Cricketer

Bad Cop

Trevor Franklin

Ex-Test Cricketer
As Police Detective,
Shonky investigation and perpetrator of injustice

Three teenage girls and their lawyer,

Wrongly imprisoned -
Victims of Franklin's incompetence

Phil Goff

Mean Spirited offer
of compensation for 

Phil Goff

Minister of Justice
Mean-Spirited offer of compensation, No comprehension of harm done