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October 10 2006

Government compensation miserly, sexist and racist.
Media Release

The government has been extremely miserly in their offer of compensation to three girls who were jailed for a crime that they did not commit, spokesperson Brian Robinson says.

The justice minister accepted the girls were innocent, but only offered each girl compensation ranging from $135,000 to $137,000 (excluding disbursements). These amounts of money are significantly less than previous awards for wrongful imprisonment.

The Government

                     Has not explained the basis for their stingy decision in the case of the three girls.

                     Has been even more miserly in refusing to pay interest on the money that they have retained since the girls were first offered compensation.

The Government appears to have no appreciation at all for

                     The trauma that completely innocent people experience when confronted with a justice system that has made a mistake.

                     The harm that was done to three girls affected in their formative years by such an experience.

                     The loss of opportunity experienced by the girls who suffered a damaged education

                     The period of time affected which not only included the seven months in jail, but also the time from when the girls were accused, and the time after release, while they were adjusting to freedom.

                     The inevitable loss of friends and damaged relationships experienced by the girls

                     The real costs that the girls experienced in unnecessarily defending the charges.


The only explanation for the government's woefully inadequate response appears to be that the claimants are young, non pakeha, and women.