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2004-1203 - Stuff - Three young women reject compo offer
Three young women jailed for a crime they did not commit have rejected compensation of more than $100,000 each and are challenging the way the Government reached the figure.  …. The women rejected the offer and described it as "both seriously inadequate and unlawful". They claim the government guidelines used to reach the compensation figure are "unlawful, irrational and unfair" and that they were not correctly applied in reaching the recommended amounts. The women want the court to declare the recommendations unlawful and invalid, and quash them. Their lawyer, Gary Gotlieb, said the Government had ignored opinions by three QCs - Rodney Harrison, Richard Craddock and Bill Wilson - on behalf of the women. "The figure offered in comparison to what happened to the girls was grossly understated.

2004-1203 - Stuff - Govt will fight girls' compensation claim - Goff
NZPA - ….
Gary Gotlieb has filed a claim in the High Court at Auckland challenging the way the figure was arrived at and asking the court to decide what was appropriate…. Mr Goff today said he regretted the girls had rejected the offer, which was recommended by Wellington QC Kristy McDonald based on government criteria. "That criteria applies to all people who have suffered this kind of miscarriage of justice, and that was known in advance by the girls' counsel. "The Government continues to believe it is a fair and appropriate offer and we will vigorously defend the court action being taken."

2004-1203 - One News - Teens' compo deemed "inadequate"
A private investigator says a compensation offer to three young Auckland women jailed for a crime they did not commit is woefully inadequate Bryan Rowe said the girls have had their ups and downs and will not properly get on with their lives until a fair compensation offer is made. He said the girls were children when they were thrown into Mount Eden Prison which he says is a hell-hole

2004-1203 - NZ Herald - Women reject $500,000 payout
by Louisa Cleave - Three young women jailed for a crime they did not commit have rejected almost half a million dollars in compensation and are challenging the way the Government reached the figure.  A claim filed in the High Court at Auckland shows Lucy Akatere and Tania Vini were offered $135,000 each and McCushla Fuataha was offered $137,500. The Government says that, with other payments, they were offered more than $160,000 each. ….. The amount of compensation offered by the Government last year was recommended by Wellington QC Kristy McDonald, who was asked to apply Government criteria

2004-1203 - Newstalk ZB - Government 'mean' over compo
The Government is accused of being mean and stubborn over compensation for three girls jailed for a crime they did not commit. The teenagers spent seven months in prison before their convictions for aggravated robbery were quashed. Justice Minister Phil Goff has offered $160,000 in compensation, for each of the girls. That has been rejected and the case will now go to court. Bryan Rowe, the private investigator hired to look into the case, says the police clearly bungled the investigation, but he says cabinet criteria limits their compensation to just $100,000. Mr Rowe says anyone who had been put through the wringer like these girls were, would expect more than they are being offered

2004-1203 - Newstalk ZB - Girls to appeal compensation offer
The Justice Minister has confirmed three teenage girls sent to jail for a crime they did not commit have been offered around $160,000 each in compensation for loss of liberty, reputation, and emotional distress

2004-1202 - NZ Government - Three teens offered over $160,000 each
by Phil Goff -
Three Auckland teenagers jailed for a crime they did not commit have been offered compensation of around $160,000 each, Justice Minister Phil Goff said today. Lucy Akatere, McCushla Fuataha and Tania Vini were convicted in August 2000 for the aggravated robbery of a 16-year-old schoolgirl in Mt Roskill. They successfully appealed their convictions on the basis that two principal witnesses had retracted their testimony, and were released after spending approximately seven months in jail. "The compensation offer was first made to the girls on 24 March 2003," Mr Goff said. “I regret that, despite many months of correspondence with the applicants’ legal counsel, the offer of compensation has been rejected and the matter is now going to court, with an initial hearing set for December 14