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2003-0430 - Timaru Herald - How much is enough?
Editorial - The three Auckland girls who spent seven months in prison for a crime they did not commit are not happy with a Government compensation offer. Their lawyer Gary Gotlieb describes it as woefully inadequate. We've not been told what the offer is or what the trio expect, although Mr Gotlieb has mentioned hundreds of thousands of dollars and also that the $1 million granted Arthur Allan Thomas was "to some degree" the benchmark

2003-0429 - Dominion Post - Freed girls may sue for compo
by Martin Kay - Three teenage girls who spent seven months in jail for a crime they did not commit may sue the Government over its "woefully inadequate" compensation offer. Their lawyer, Gary Gotlieb, said the offer was a fraction of what he believed his clients deserved. "When you compare it with previous payments, it's just not enough. Woefully inadequate is the term I would use."  He would not say how much was offered, but the formula for calculating compensation suggests it could be less than $100,000 each

Phil Goff, Minister of Justice

Government offer of compensation for wrongful imprisonment as a result of an inept police investigation described as "woefully inadequate".