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The Dominion
December 26 2001

Girls to seek compensation

A compensation claim from three girls wrongfully jailed for aggravated robbery will not be lodged with the Government till at least February, the girls' lawyer, Gary Gotlieb, says.

Teangarua "Lucy" Akatere and Tania Mayze Vini, both 17, and McCushla "Krishla" Priscilla Fuataha, 16, had their joint conviction for aggravated robbery quashed by the Court of Appeal at Auckland in October. They spent seven months in prison and are seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation.

The Crown's main witness, a 13-year-old girl, retracted her evidence by affidavit after their conviction. She claimed she and the three older girls committed a 1999 attack on a 16-year-old girl in Auckland. The schoolgirl was thumped and kicked, her head was banged against a tree stump, she was cut and robbed of $10.