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The Evening Post
September 14 2000

Girls jailed for slice attack

Three teenage girls have been jailed for what a judge yesterday described as a "sadistic" slashing of a schoolgirl.

The 16-year-old victim was sitting having a soft drink in a park in the Auckland suburb of Three Kings while on her way to school in August last year when she was set upon. The girl was thumped, kicked and had her head banged against a tree stump. She was then dragged to a nearby toilet block and robbed of $10. Each time the girl said she had no more money to give, she was sliced with a pair of scissors.

At the time of the attack Teangarua Lucy Akatere was aged 15, Tania Mayze Vini was 14 and McCushla Priscilla Fuataha had just turned 14.

Akatere and Vini were found guilty of aggravated robbery at a trial in the High Court at Auckland last month. A 13-year-old girl involved in the attack was too young to be charged. Fuataha - who wielded the weapon - was jailed for two years. The other two were jailed for 18 months.