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The accused:
Clint Rickards, Bob Schollum, Brad Shipton

March 1 2007; Jury Deliberations continue
Deliberations continue at 9am

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Feb 28 2007; Jury retires to begin deliberation
Jury retires to consider verdict. The three accused are charged with kidnapping and indecently assaulting a 16-year old girl in the mid 1980s.

2007-0228 - Three News - Jury expected to begin deliberation today

2007-0228 - Three News - Jury in Rickards, Shipton case retires to consider evidence

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Feb 28 2007; Judge sums up
Justice Potter told the jury to consider each charge separately and the case of each accused separately. She said they had to be satisfied that the complainant had correctly identified each of the men, and that they had each participated in the alleged incident. Justice Potter said the jury had to consider "whether you can be sure the woman is telling the truth on the critical issues". The charges carry maximum jail terms of seven years for indecent assault and 14 years for kidnapping. She reminded the jury the men are charged separately and if they believe one of the accused is guilty, it does not necessarily mean the others are.

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2007-0228 - Newstalk ZB - Rickards, Shipton Schollum jury retires

Feb 28 2007; Lawyer for Bob Schollum gives closing address

      Bob Schollum and his lawyer Paul Mabey

Paul Mabey QC, in his closing statements distanced his client from Mrs Shipton whose evidence was challenged in court yesterday. Mr Mabey said Mrs Shipton was not a witness for Schollum and if she had lied she was "a very silly lady", but if she had lied it in no way proved the guilt of either man. He's said there are too many inconsistencies in the complainant's story for the jury to be sure enough of the facts to convict his client. Mr Mabey also said that while it was not denied that Shipton had a sexual relationship with the alleged 16-year-old victim, and Schollum was his friend and knew the girl, this did not prove the offence happened

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Feb 27 2007; Lawyer's for Clint Rickards, Brad Shipton give closing addresses

          Clint Rickards and his lawyer John Haigh

Clint Rickards' lawyer John Haigh QC told the jury, "there are so many inconsistencies in the complainant's evidence, she cannot be believed." Mr Haigh says if the assault did happen, there is no way his client was involved. He says the complainant could not recognise Rickards from a photo - and adds his client was on plaster and crutches at the time the incident is alleged to have occurred. He says Rickards' future is on a knife edge and the allegations are categorically untrue

After the jury retired, Rickards' lawyer John Haigh QC asked the judge to recall them to instruct them on a key aspect of Rickards' defence which was that at the time of the alleged incident he had been a uniformed police officer. Justice Potter did so. In her evidence the woman said she never saw Rickards in a uniform


Brad Shipton

Bill Nabney

                Brad Shipton and his lawyer Bill Nabney

Brad Shipton's defence says the woman accusing him of indecent assault has told so many lies she cannot be believed. His lawyer told the jury in his closing address his client has denied indecently assaulting the woman right from the outset.

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Feb 27 2007;  Crown gives closing address

Crown Prosecutor, Brent Stanaway

The Crown has described the alleged indecent assault of a woman when she was 16 years old by three police officers as a vile and sinister incident. In his closing address this afternoon, the Crown prosecutor Brent Stanaway told the jury the woman is honest and the core of her account is reliable. He said any inconsistencies in her evidence are peripheral. Mr Stanaway said the offending was about degradation and humiliation, displaying what the accused could get away with because of who they were.

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Feb 27 2007: Christine Filer contradicts previous evidenceChristine Filer

Christine Filer

Christine Filer gave evidence that she cannot recall the Shiptons staying for a month, but she would remember a visit of that length. She also gave evidence that Sharon Shipton phoned her and told her she did not have to answer questions from the police, and also to say that she does not remember.

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2007-0228 - NZ Herald - Shipton's wife stunned as cousin rebuts evidence

Feb 27 2007 - Sharon Shipton recalled to stand.
Sharon Shipton

Sharon Shipton

Prosecution arranges for Sharon Shipton's cousin, Christine Filer to travel from Perth, to rebut Mrs Shipton's evidence. First Mrs Shipton is recalled to the stand and told her cousin had contradicted her evidence. Mrs Shipton denied trying to influence Ms Filer and the way she might answer questions. After repeated questions, Sharon Shipton broke down in the witness box.

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Feb 26 2007 - Sharon Shipton, Brad Shipton's wife gives evidence
Sharon Shipton 
Sharon Shipton

Sharon Shipton claims she and her husband Brad were staying with her cousin on a month long holiday in Wanganui around the time that he, Bob Schollum and Clint Rickards allegedly sexually assaulted a young girl.

The prosecution accused Sharon Shipton of lying to provide her husband with an alibi, and saying that Shipton had only been there three or four days.

In response to why she had not told of this alibi, Sharon Shipton says the team of detectives who investigated the case are guilty of unethical conduct -  she would never assist the investigation team.

Sharon Shipton admitted she has been discussing her evidence with her husband while she has been testifying in his defence

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