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Rickards, Shipton, Schollum vs Jane Doe - Trial 2007


This page last updated June 2 2007

The plaster-cast false allegation case

The complainant's name is suppressed.

Clint Rickard's defence was that he had never met the woman. An extremely strong defence, for if it was not true, the chance of Rickards being discredited would have been very high.

Clint Rickards also had a plaster cast on during the time that the woman said she had a relationship with him. She never remembered seeing him in plaster.

The woman's credibility was lost.
All three men accused were found NOT GUILTY.


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Feb 19-25 2007
Trial Week 1

Pre trial publicity
Jury selected, case opens
Complainant gives evidence
Cross examination of complainant
Rickards claimed that police interview was an unfair ambush
Clint Rickards gives evidence in his own defence
Rickards under cross examination
Steve McDowell, Sharon Shipton, testify for defence
Opinion - Police will be biggest loser


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Feb 26 - March 1 2007
Trial Week 2

Sharon Shipton gives evidence
Christine Filer contradicts some of previous evidence
Crown gives closing address
Defence give closing addresses
Judge sums up and jury retires


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March 1 2007

Verdict - NOT GUILTY
Police Reaction
Schollum and Shipton revealed as serving sentence for rape
Initial reaction


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March 2  2007

Way clear for report Police Conduct Commission of Inquiry
Louise Nicholas, Rape Crisis comment
Clint Rickards comments outside Court reported
Chch District Court Vandalism; Anti Rickards campaign on line
Should jury have known two accused were already in jail?
Jury knew two of the accused were already in jail
Should Clint Rickards get his job back?
Police Complaints Authority to scrutinise rape allegations
Rickards criticised for voicing his belief of Shipton, Schollum's innocence
Time issues on rape trials under scrutiny
Dominion Post publishes Chronology


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March 3-4 2007

New (non criminal) claims against Rickards may affect job negotiations
Further debate over jury not being told of Shipton Schollum convictions
Court of Appeal stopped two rape trials being heard together
Rickards legal defence discussed
Costs of Operation Austin
Prime Minister reveals she knew of historical allegations against Rickards
Comments by John Haigh on group sex scrutinised
Louise Nicholas accused of vendetta
Clint Rickards tells his story


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March 5-6 2007

Political pressure mounting to sack Clint Rickards
Support for Clint Rickards
Law expert claims Prime Minister is undermining the jury system
Suppression of evidence issues
Police claim their reputation suffering because of sex trial
Poster campaign against the police


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March 7-9 2007

Anti police backlash
Rickards support of Shipton and Schollum questioned
Continuing debate over suppressed evidence in trial
NZ First MP believes political comment on employment inappropriate
Clint Rickards appeals for funding from Police Managers Guild
Lawyers present arguments for and against reinstatement
Protests in Wellington and Auckland about rape
Call for tougher sentences for false rape claims
Prime Minister attack on Rickards noted
Selective morality of Hubbard and Prime Minister highlighted