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Mt Maunganui Pack Rape Case

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This page last updated July 2 2006

2006-0630 - NZ Herald - Businessman's rape appeal rejected
A convicted rapist has had his application to appeal against his conviction dismissed by the Supreme Court.

2006-0630 - Dominion Post - Court rejects 'rape shield' appeal
The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal over the alleged breaching of the "rape shield" rules in the case of one of four men convicted of raping a woman in Mt Maunganui in 1989. The prosecutor had asked the jury if she was the type of woman who would have agreed to have group sex with comparative strangers in a hut. The Court of Appeal had dismissed McNamara's appeal against his conviction and sentence, and yesterday the Supreme Court refused to let him have a second appeal on the "rape shield" point. The rape shield law was intended to protect complainants being attacked about their sexual history with anyone but the person accused of committing offences against them.

2006-0613 - Dominion Post - Suppression lifted in rape case
Name suppression has been lifted for two men who appealed against their conviction for raping a woman at Mt Maunganui in 1989. However, the Court of Appeal's reasons for ending the suppression of the names of Warren Graham Hales and Peter Mana McNamara yesterday cannot be published. Hales, a Tauranga firefighter and avocado grower, faces a retrial on charges of abduction and rape after successfully appealing against his convictions.

2006-0509 - Waikato Times - Retrial for November
A retrial has been scheduled for the only man among four who successfully appealed against a rape conviction that was the result of an incident 17 years ago.

2006-0509 - Dominion Post - Date set for retrial
A retrial has been scheduled for the only man among four who successfully appealed against a rape conviction linked to an incident 17 years ago. The other three men's appeals were dismissed, and the names of all four suppressed in the meantime.

2006-0504 - Dominion Post - Cat's out of the bag judges say, but names suppressed
The Court of Appeal has confirmed that courts would not normally suppress names if earlier publication means "the cat was already out of the bag". But the three judges yesterday held back from rescinding suppressions they reimposed last month for two men. The names of both men were lawfully published during their trial on rape and abduction charges in Wellington last year, though the identities of two co-accused were suppressed throughout.

2006-0418 - Newstalk ZB - Conviction overturned for Mt Maunganui accused rapist
One of four men accused of raping a woman in Mt Maunganui 17 years ago has had his conviction overturned in the court of appeal, and a retrial has been ordered. The man has been freed from jail where he was serving a sentence for rape and abduction.

2006-0413 - Dominion Post - Court of Appeal frees rape accused for retrial
One of four men convicted of raping a woman is free on bail after the Court of Appeal overturned his conviction and ordered a retrial. The court has dismissed the conviction and sentence appeals of three other men, and reimposed suppression orders that might identify any of the four. Lawyers for two of the men were at the court in Wellington on Tuesday to receive the judgments.