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John Dewar (centre) with wife Louise and lawyer Giles Brandt

3 August 2007; Dewar tried to mislead journalist
Ainsley Thomson, a Herald reporter in 2004, now based in Britain, appeared as a witness and said she interviewed Dewar immediately after Mrs Nicholas made her rape allegations against Shipton, Rickards and Schollum. Dewar told Ms Thomson he had investigated Ms Nicholas's claims but there was not enough evidence to bring the three men to trial. He gave her a bundle of letters that included reference to a separate rape investigation he headed in 1993, the "Murupara trials". In these, he had substituted blanked-out names of other police officers (named in the letters) with those of Schollum, Rickards and Shipton

2007-0803 - NZ Herald - Woman names Dewar as group-sex participant

3 August 2007; Evidence that Dewar was given “gift” of group sex
Police Inspector Alastair Williams said Dewar had told him about receiving an "unusual gift" from either Shipton or Rickards in the form of group sex. He said the conversation occurred sometime in 1988 when they were both based in the Auckland police northern communications centre. Mr Williams said he remembered the incident because it was an "unusual story"

Under cross-examination from Paul Mabey QC, Mr Williams was questioned whether his recollection of who was allegedly involved in the group sex had been prompted by media reports about Shipton, Rickards and Schollum and complaints of sexual misconduct at the time

2007-0803 - NZ Herald - Group sex 'gifted' to Dewar, court told

2007-0803 - Radio NZ - Senior officer tells of sex being offered as a gift

2007-0803 - Stuff - Dewar 'gifted' group sex, court told

2007-0803 - Three News - Crown alleges that Dewar was gifted sex by his colleagues

2007-0803 - Three News - Crown completes case against former police boss

2007-0804 - NZ Herald - Dewar acted as sex 'gift', jury at High Court hears

2-3 August 2007; Police officers give evidence
Rex Miller

Former Detective Rex Miller

Former detective Rex Miller
conducted a 1995 inquiry into conduct of John Dewar became “sick and tired” of people trying to scuttle inquiry. Those comments were directed at Louise Nicholas, after she rang him to change a statement.

Miller was also tasked to carry out an inquiry into a number of unconfirmed allegations against police made by Mrs Nicholas at the 1995 trials.   However Dewar also had an interview with Nicholas in which she swore sex she had with Shipton, Schollum and Rickards was consensual.

Superintendent Russell Gibson said that the investigation should have been carried out by an officer outside the district to ensure no conflicts of interest.  Rex Miller also said that Dewar should not have investigated complaints against Rickards, because it broke protocol.

Superintendent Mark Lammas also said the way the the matter was handled was well outside the normal procedure. Mr Lammas said he could not imagine any situation where there was an allegation of rape by police officers and it would not be subjected to at least a preliminary investigation. "It would be at the top end of the scale, very serious," he said. "It needs to be reported through to the district commander so he or she can know about it and make a determination over what action would follow."

Detective Steve McGregor, who headed the Operation Austin inquiry into Louise Nicholas' allegations testified. He arrested Dewar. He said “there appeared to be a close bond between Dewar and the accused men” at the trials of Rickards, Shipton and Schollum in 2006 and 2007.  Clint Rickards had described Operation Austin as "a shambles" after his acquittal, and said he would have been ashamed to have led it..

Sergeant Christopher McLeod told the court of his time stationed in Rotorua, and said Dewar socialised with Mr Rickards and Schollum, and was particularly close to Shipton. "Brad often made a point of being very close to people who were in positions of power," he said

2007-0802 - NZ Herald - Witness tells trial of difficult Dewar investigation

2007-0802 - Stuff - Police protocols breached during investigation, court told

2007-0802 - Waikato Times - Dewar should not have been on case: ex-top cop

2007-0803 - Newstalk ZB - Crown wraps up evidence against Dewar

2007-0803 - Newstalk ZB - Crown wraps up evidence against Dewar

2007-0803 - Newstalk ZB - Dewar prosecution winding up

2007-0803 - NZ Herald - Group sex 'gifted' to Dewar, court told

2007-0804 - Waikato Times - No excuse: police boss at Dewar trial

2007-0804 - NZ Herald - Dewar acted as sex 'gift', jury at High Court hears

2 August 2007; Woman tells of group sex involving Dewar
Paul Mabey

Defence Lawyer Paul Mabey

A woman today told a court she had group sex with former Rotorua policemen John Dewar and Brad Shipton, contradicting claims by Dewar that he never had more than a working relationship with Shipton.. The woman said she had never met Dewar before but had seen a newspaper article on him.

The defence challenged her testimony saying that Mr Dewar has never been to her house and has never had anything to do with her. He also said that no such newspaper article has been found.

2007-0802 - Stuff - Woman tells of Dewar, Shipton threesome

2007-0803 - NZ Herald - Woman names Dewar as group-sex participant

2007-0803 - One News - Dewar group sex revelation

2007-0803 - Three News - Testimony that Dewar took part in group sex with Shipton

2007-0803 - Waikato Times - Dewar jury hears group sex claim

2 August 2007; Television interview with John Dewar
In a television interview, John Dewar said he believed the claims (of Louise Nicholas) but lacked the evidence

2007-0802 - Radio NZ - Dewar Video

John Dewar

1 August 2007; Sex abuse counsellor: close relationship between Dewar and Nicholas
Louise NicholasSex abuse counsellor Margaret Craig said that Dewar attended a session with Louise Nicholas, and he referred to consensual sex that Nicholas had with a number of police officers. Nicholas looked uncomfortable and embarrassed. Criag gave evidence that Nicholas provided counselling to Nicholas on 20 occasions between 1993 and 1995.

2007-0801 - NZ Herald - Dewar 'sat in on sex abuse counselling'

2007-0801 - Waikato Times - Dewar 'close' to Nicholas, court told

Louise Nicholas leaving Court 25 July 2007

31 July 2007; Prosecutor at 1993 trial, David McDonald, gives evidence
Judge David McDonald, Crown Prosecutor in 1993 said Dewar had a cavalier attitude to the two mistrials and Dewar’s actions was because he wanted to "get the game back on a level playing field". He said he was initially surprised at the lack of information in the prosecution file passed on to him by Dewar, the officer in charge of the investigation. "It didn't have a lot of information in it. "I would have thought a few more people who had been at Murupara might have been spoken to," the judge said.

2007-0731 - Three News - Judge gives evidence at Dewar trial

2007-0731 - One News - Judge testifies in Dewar trial

2007-0731 - NZ Herald - Ex-cop wanted case aborted to 'level playing field'

2007-0801 - NZ Herald - Dewar 'sat in on sex abuse counselling'

2007-0801 - Waikato Times - Dewar 'close' to Nicholas, court told

30 July 2007; Overheard conversation of Dewar.
Lynn Atkins, the wife of defence lawyer Les Atkins, told the court of overhearing Mr Dewar telling people during a court break in the 1993 trial that he said something he shouldn't have said, and that there wouldn't be a third trial

2007-0730 - Radio NZ - Wife of defence lawyer at earlier trial talks of what she overheard

30 July 2007; Defence lawyer at 1993 trial, Les Atkins, gives evidence
District Court judge Leslie Atkins, was a defence lawyer in 1993, representing a former Murapara officer who was accused of raping Louise Nicholas when she was 14.  Atkins told the court that Dewar gave evidence at the trial claiming that an officer had told him he was prepared to lie on behalf of the accused. The trial was subsequently aborted but at the officer's second trial Dewar again gave inadmissable evidence by telling the court about investigations into alleged offending against Mrs Nicholas by Clint Rickards, Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum. Judge Atkins said at the time Dewar did not appear concerned about the mistrials.

2007-0730 - Waikato Times - Judge takes stand in Dewar trial

2007-0730 - Three News - Jury in Dewar case told he gave inadmissible evidence in trials

2007-0730 - Radio NZ - Judge gives evidence in obstruction case

2007-0730 - NZ Herald - Judge tells ex-cop's trial of previous mistrials

2007-0730 - Newswire - Judge gives evidence in obstruction case

2007-0731 - NZ Herald - Dewar wrecked trials, says judge

2007-0731 - Waikato Times - Judge appears as Dewar trial witness

Rodney Hansen  

Photos (from left)

(1) Presiding Judge Rodney Hansen;

(2) Defence lawyer Paul Mabey (standing) talking to Prosecutor Brent Stanaway

(3) Prosecutors Brent Stanaway and Mark Zarifeh