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Office of the
Commissioner for Children

April 29 1992

Office of the
Commissioner for Children

March 8 1994

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By Beth Wood
(Community Relations Officer)

By Ian Hassall
Commissioner for Children

The Chief Executive
Christchurch City Council

Dear Sir,

Sexual Abuse of Children in
Day Care Centres.

As a result of the publicity and public concern that has arisen since the allegations of sexual abuse of children by a staff member in the Civic Cr่che this Office has decided to gather material, both local and overseas, related to studies into abuse of children in day care and pre-schools and into employment policies and standards.

It is likely that we will produce a report with recommendations intended for general use in New Zealand.

I believe your council has contracted a local therapist, Rosemary Smart, to undertake a similar exercise for local purposes.

It might be useful for Ms Smart and myself to share our ideas and background information and I wonder if you would have any objections to my getting in touch with her for this purpose?

I would be grateful to be given a contact address for Ms Smart or to have you speak with her on my behalf and have her contact me if she is willing to be in touch with me.



Yours sincerely

Beth Wood
(Community Relations Officer)


W H Wealleans

Dear Sir

1.  Your request by fax today to my office for information with reference to a Christchurch City Council request dated 1/2/94 (enclosed).

Neither I nor Ms Wood nor any other member of my staff to my knowledge have seen Ms Smart's report or any notes or drafts of it. Nor do we have any notes pertaining to the preparation of that report. I understood that my staff had conveyed that state of affairs to the Chrsitchurch City Council following the receipt of the request dated 1/2/94 and I considered that to have been a sufficient response to that request.

The enclosed letter dated April 29 1992 from Ms Wood to the Chief Executive, Christchurch City Council and the response dated 11 May appear to be the sum of what we hold that mentions Ms Smart and although they do not in my opinion conform to the description of information sought in the letter to my office of 1/2/94 others may have a different opinion and I can see no reason not to let you have them. Following receipt of the letter of 11 May Ms Wood recalls a telephone conversation with Ms Smart initiated by Ms Smart in which they discussed published papers known to them on the subject of child abuse in day care centres. Following this Ms Wood sent two papers as she recalls which I enclose with this letter.

2.  Your request by fax today for information under the Official Information Act 1982.

I enclose a copy of the complainant's concerns as requested.

Yours sincerely

IB Hassall
Commissioner for Children