Allegations of Sexual Abuse

False Allegations

Nick Wills

The Dominion
April 8 1996

Rape law reform
Letter to the Editor
by Gordon Waugh, Whenuapa (Abridged)

After the 60 Minutes television programme segment on a false allegation of rape against a young Waikato University law student, Nick Wills, there has been an enormously adverse reaction to the comments made by Toni Allwood, the national co-ordinator of Rape Crisis, and equally many expressions of sympathy for Nick Wills.

Also, one of the claims made at the Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care conference was that one in five women has been raped or suffered attempted rape. The simplest of arithmetic indicates that half our population are women, and one-fifth amounts to 360,000. At best, that is a flamboyant and outrageous claim.

Many people throughout the country would like to see sex abuse counsellors made accountable for their work, and would like to see legislation amended on these issues. They, like me, wish to reinstate balance and common sense in this emotive area.