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Louise Sas
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Louise Sas
"expert" Witness for Eichelbaum

Nobody is willing to take responsibility for recommending
Sas as an "expert" for Eichelbaum, or explaining why Sas
should have been considered as a suitable expert.


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    Web Publication

    April 2004 Revision 22.1
    Critique of the Eichelbaum Report and Matters arising from the Ellis convictions
    by Jonathon Harper and Richard Christie

Nov 2002 - Canadian Department of Justice - Report by Sas

The Interaction Between Children's Developmental Capabilities and the Courtroom Environment: The Impact on Testimonial Competency

In response to the increasing backlash against children’s evidence in court” ……….

Sas in the Vilma Climaco case, 2001

2001-0130 - Rossen Wasser McArthur - Nanny accused of sexual abuse – Case dismissed due to lack of evidence
charges were dismissed by the judge after he agreed with the defence that the statements made by the 12-year-old, the twins, Cimaco’s own child and, her ex-lover were unreliable and not credible. Charges against Climaco were dropped on Thursday, January 11, 2001.

2001-0120 - The Globe and Mail - Vilma Climaco
by Margaret Wente - Vilma Climaco was a popular nanny until a vengeful ex-boyfriend accused her of the ultimate offence: sexually abusing her young charges. She lost her job, her home and her own son. Two years later, she has cleared her name but fears she may never see her boy again

Dr. Louise Sas, a child psychologist who has testified for the prosecution in numerous abuse cases. Dr. Sas found the evidence against Ms. Climaco quite damning. ......

Cindy Wasser, Ms. Climaco's lawyer, says: "Dr. Sas can interpret every fact and every behaviour as evidence of abuse."

The Crown called on Dr. Sas to give her expert opinion of the tapes. Her verdict?  All the testimony again pointed to Ms. Climaco's guilt. "There are strong indices of reliability in his allegations about sexual victimization," Sas wrote. "His retractions and then reaffirmation of the veracity of the information he was providing was a clear example of his difficulty sharing the information." In other words, all the boy's contradictions, as well as his assertion that he had been lying, were really signs that he had been telling the truth.

2001-0112 - The Globe and Mail - Sex charges against nanny get thrown out of court
by Jane Gadd, - Toronto - A former nanny wept tears of joy yesterday when an Ontario Superior Court judge threw out sex charges that have cost her her livelihood and her only child. Vilma Climaco, 34, blurted out thanks, then fell into the embrace of her lawyer as Mr. Justice Paul Rivard ruled that all of the evidence the Crown wanted to introduce was unreliable and inadmissible in a trial.

Sas in a 1995 case

1995-1109 - London Free Press (Ontario) - Memories of Abuse Not Enough to Convict in Repressed Memory Case  

by Rory Leishman - Most attacks allegedly took place in the family home, but the girl's mother and other family members testified that they knew nothing about the attacks. The only independent evidence to support the complainant's memory was provided by psychologist, Louise Sas, who testified that child sexual abuse gives rise to the kind of anxiety attacks, flashbacks and other symptoms complainant displayed.