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2004-0216 - One News - Appeal for info on rape claims
The Prime Minister is appealing for anyone with further information about rape allegations against police officers to come forward soon. Helen Clark's announced former top civil servant Dame Margaret Bazely and High Court Judge Bruce Robertson will investigate the allegations including claims police covered them up later.

2004-0216 - Waikato Times - Muddy waters getting murkier     
The new police investigation of Louise Nicholas' rape allegations has only just begun, yet the casualties are mounting up. There is, of course, Nicholas……….. More and more people are becoming deeply entangled. Now add current Waikato police head Kelvin Powell.

2004-0216 - Waikato Times - Top cop always a high flyer     
Waikato police district commander Kelvin Powell never wanted to be a policeman. The 42-year-old, who was stood-down from his position as Waikato's top officer on Saturday, wanted to be an air force pilot but failed the entrance exam.

2004-0216 - Waikato Times - Steady climb through ranks for stood-down policeman
By Steve Hopkins - Police investigating pack rape allegations have suspended Waikato's top cop. Steve Hopkins traces the rise of Kelvin Powell. Waikato police district commander Kelvin Powell never wanted to be a policeman.

2004-0216 - Waikato Times - Shocked staff backing Waikato's top c
by Steve Hopkins - Waikato police are shocked their district commander has been stood down as part of an inquiry into allegations of police pack-rape. Superintendent Kelvin Powell was stood down on Saturday

2004-0216 - Stuff - Police ready for whatever rape inquiry throws up
NZPA - Police say they are ready to confront any further issues kicked up by investigations into historic rape allegations against a number of police officers, Commissioner Rob Robinson said today. His comments follow the standing down at the weekend of Waikato district commander, Superintendent Kelvin Powell, the second district commander to be relieved of his post

2004-0216 - Otago Daily Times - Clark backs police action over rape allegations
by Kevin Norquay, of NZPA - Wellington: It was "appropriate" for police to take their own action over pack rape allegations involving their own, Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday, after inquiries claimed another top level officer. Waikato district commander Kelvin Powell was stood down on Saturday as the police inquiry into allegations of pack rape in the 1980s by three Rotorua policemen gained momentum.

2004-0216 - Otago Daily Times - Allcock to go to Olympics instead
NZPA - Inspector Gary Allcock has taken over the police security liaison role for the New Zealand team at the Athens Olympics this year. He has replaced Waikato district commander, Superintendent Kelvin Powell, originally picked for the role, but who has been stood down during a police investigation

2004-0216 - Newstalk ZB - Judge and civil servant head inquiry
The two commissioners, Justice Bruce Robertson and Dame Margaret Bazley, will be expected to report back to the government by November.

2004-0216 - The Press - High-powered probe of police rape claims     
by Vernon Small - Two commissioners will head a government commission of inquiry sparked by allegations of rape by police officers as another police officer has been forced to stand down and face investigation. Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday that the names of the commissioners would probably be announced this week. The police commissioner's office, meanwhile, confirmed Waikato district commander Superintendent Kelvin Powell was "an individual of interest" to investigations into the rape allegations.

2004-0216 - NZ Herald - Sex inquiry: Why police stood second officer down
by Patrick Gower - A second police district commander has been suspended as the police inquiry into the alleged Rotorua pack rape widens to other accusations of sexual misconduct. Waikato district commander Kelvin Powell, who was stood down on Saturday, took over the district from Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards.

2004-0216 - Dominion Post - Two chosen for inquiry into police sex claims
by Vernon Small - Two commissioners will head a government commission of inquiry prompted by allegations of police rape. Prime Minister Helen Clark said yesterday it was likely the names of the commissioners would be announced this week. "A lot of work has been done on the terms of reference, which we will talk about in general terms when we announce the commissioners. We just need a few more days to get them well drafted. But we have a clear idea of where we are going."

2004-0215 - Newstalk ZB - Police Assoc asks public not to judge
Police Association urges public to hold fire on judging those officers involved in pack rape allegations. The Police Association is urging the public to hold fire on judging officers involved in the pack rape investigations

2004-0215 - Newstalk ZB - Powell loses Olympic liaison job
Waikato commander stood down after being named as an individual of interest to rape inquiry has lost job with Olympic team. Superintendent Kelvin Powell has lost his job as the police liaison for the New Zealand Olympic team. It comes after he was stood down as Waikato District Commander last night.

2004-0215 - Newstalk ZB - Police boss stood down in Nicholas inquiry
Waikato police chief stood down- Superintendent Kelvin Powell of interest in Louise Nicholas rape investigation. The Waikato police chief has been stood down as the criminal investigation into Louise Nicholas's rape claims continues.

2004-0215 - One News - Minister backs cop's standdown
Police Minister George Hawkins is backing the commissioner's decision to stand down a second high-ranking officer in an inquiry into claims of rape and a cover-up within the force. Waikato district commander Kelvin Powell has been stood down after being declared an individual of interest to a police investigation into the historic allegation.

2004-0215 - NZ Herald - Top Waikato cop stood down as police pack rape probe continues
A second New Zealand police district commander has been stood down as the inquiry into a Rotorua woman's allegations of pack rape against a number of policeman picks up speed. A statement from the Office of the Commissioner confirmed today that Waikato district commander Superintendent Kelvin Powell "is an individual of interest to their investigation" into the rape allegations.

2004-0215 - Sunday Star Times - Rotorua police district damned in report
By Rachel Grunwell - An official investigation into police mishandling of a rape complaint criticised at least one officer and named others who have come under fire in the Louise Nicholas inquiry. It shows that police headquarters have long been aware of failures by officers stationed in the Rotorua policing district at the time Nicholas claims her rape complaints were mishandled. The inquiry was into the mishandling of a complaint of rape made by Rhondda Herbert-Savage in the 1980s, and was carried out by then-detective inspector Graham Bell.

2004-0215 - Sunday Star Times - Second top cop stood down
by David Fisher and Rachel Grunwell - A second high-ranking police officer was stood down last night as the investigation into allegations of a rape cover-up spread. The Waikato district commander, superintendent Kelvin Powell, was interviewed on Thursday by police investigating claims by Rotorua's Louise Nicholas that she was raped by three serving police officers in the '80s.

2004-0214 - Dominion Post - Inquiry head in group sex claim     
by Phil Kitchin - The former senior policeman who failed to properly investigate police pack-rape allegations had earlier engaged in group sex with one of the same policemen, a woman alleged last night. The woman said that former Detective Inspector John Dewar was a friend of former Detective Sergeant Brad Shipton and the two of them had consensual group sex with her in about 1986 or 1987.

2004-0214 - NZ Herald - Investigator 'joined in group sex'
by Eugene Bingham and Phil Taylor - The scandal over the alleged cover-up of a claimed police pack-rape deepened last night with fresh allegations of inappropriate sex in the force - this time against the officer who originally investigated Louise Nicholas' complaint. The former detective inspector in charge of the Rotorua CIB, John Dewar, who handled Mrs Nicholas' accusation that she was raped by three officers, was last night accused, with one of the alleged rapists, Brad Shipton, of having group sex with another woman

2004-0214 - NZ Herald - Police officer's job reference prompts questions
by Phil Taylor - The top police officer accused of the pack rape of a teenager in the mid-1980s gave a verbal job reference for a detective inspector accused of failing to properly investigate the complaint. Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards, who has been stood down as Auckland's top policeman pending a commission of inquiry and a new police investigation, gave the reference for John Dewar when St John hired him as an executive about two years ago

2004-0214 - NZ Herald - Rob Robinson worked in Rotorua
by Patrick Gower - Police Commissioner Rob Robinson worked for a short time as a policeman in Rotorua, with the officers that Louise Nicholas has accused of pack rape. Mr Robinson, who was a sergeant in the Rotorua CIB between October and December 1985, might have to give evidence to the inquiries into the allegations.

2004-0213 - One News - More revelations in cop rape case
A former top detective who investigated police rape claims is now being accused of having a close relationship with the people he investigated. A Rotorua woman says she was manipulated into group sex with several officers, including Clint Rickards and - on one separate occasion - the CIB boss who later led an inquiry into Rickards' behaviour.

2004-0213 - Otago Daily Times - Pack rape inquiry widened after further sex allegation
by Gail Goodger - The criminal investigation into the alleged pack rape of a woman in Rotorua by three policemen in 1986 is being widened to include another sexual allegation against two of the men. A woman had contacted police yesterday saying she wanted to discuss an incident which happened while she was a schoolgirl on work experience in the 1980s

2004-0213 - Otago Daily Times - Police inquiry
by Suzanne George - ….
the subsequent revelations of an alleged police cover-up are an indication that males are psychologically incapable of disciplining other males for sexual misconduct. The inquiry into this matter should be independent of the police themselves

2004-0213 - Marlborough Express - Police accountability     
Editorial -
The public needs to have confidence in its police force. So when serious allegations are made about the conduct of police, as with the allegations of pack rape against three police officers, that confidence is shaken, and the allegations must be thoroughly investigated.

2004-0213 - Dominion Post - Police sex inquiry widens
by Philip Kitchin - A former Rotorua teenager says a policeman lured her for sex to the same house in which Louise Nicholas claims she was pack-raped by three police officers. The woman, who was about 16 at the time and was on school job experience wanting to be a policewoman, alleges that Bob Schollum had sex with her, and that another officer, Brad Shipton, tried to join in. She told One News last night that the incident, in the 1980s, destroyed her career ambitions and her trust in police.

2004-0213 - Newstalk ZB - More sex abuse allegations against police
Another woman comes forward with sex abuse allegations against two of the officers at centre of Nicholas rape inquiry. Police have confirmed they are investigating another complaint against two of the officers at the centre of rape allegations.

2004-0213 - NZ Herald - New sex claims in police scandal
The woman claims Mr Schollum invited her to go out on patrol but then seduced her in a police house. She said Mr Shipton walked in the room and said he was going to join in. The woman said Mr Shipton watched them have sex for a while and then left.

2004-0212 - Waikato Times - Putting it right     
A story run in last Saturday's Waikato Times about former Hamilton policeman Rex Miller contained a couple of inaccuracies

2004-0212 - One News - Another sex complaint against cops     
Two policemen accused of rape are now at the centre of allegations from another woman. Louise Nicholas said she was raped by three policemen in the 1980s - including Bob Schollum and Brad Shipton. Now another woman, who wants to remain anonymous, says Schollum had sex with her while fellow officer Shipton watched.

2004-0210 - Northland Age - Home again - with mixed emotions
New March 8 2005
Judith Garrett has worked hard at restoring some balance to her life since she was allegedly raped by an off-duty officer at the Kaitaia police station in 1988. She hopes that her recent return to the Far North, which she continues to regard as home, from Otago, will take her a long way towards completing that process

2004-0210 - Southland Times - City officer joins investigation     
by Chalpat Sonti - An Invercargill police officer will be part of a team of police conducting a criminal investigation of allegations of rape against three police officers. Southern police district commander Superintendent Nick Perry, 52, of Dunedin, has been named to head the team conducting the investigation. Mr Perry said from Wellington that three police staff from the southern district had joined him on the 13-strong team.

2004-0210 - Stuff - Restoring public's faith in Police     
by Phil Campbell, Rotorua Review Editor - An investigation into the conduct of the handling of a case involving three policemen in Rotorua nearly 20 years ago has riveted the nation. A Ngakuru woman, Louise Nicholas, has claimed three policemen raped her. Further, Mrs Nicholas claims she was violated by a police baton.

2004-0210 - Otago Daily Times - Sex claim baffles Nicholas      
NZPA - Louise Nicholas, the woman who alleged she was pack-raped by three policemen, says she is baffled why her former flatmate and friend claims the sex was consensual. ….The woman, who flatted with Mrs Nicholas around the time she alleges she was pack-raped by the three police officers, has told police she believed Mrs Nicholas' sex with the officers was consensual. She also said both she and Mrs Nicholas had group sex with the officers. The claims were made in a police statement in 1995 when the flatmate was spoken to by former detective chief inspector Rex Miller.

2004-0210 - NZ Herald - Police defend top job for Rickards
by Kevin Taylor, Patrick Gower and Phil Taylor - The Police Commissioner has defended promoting Clint Rickards to the top Auckland police job despite knowing for seven years about sexual allegations against him. Mr Rickards is one of the men at the centre of allegations of a pack-rape in Rotorua in 1986 and subsequently botched investigations. Prime Minister Helen Clark said the allegations were a factor in her not recommending him for the job of deputy commissioner, which requires Government approval, in 2000

2004-0210 - NZ Herald - Rape inquiry documents relate to different case
by Phil Taylor -
Documents provided by a former policeman to show he did a good job investigating pack-rape allegations against three policemen appear to relate to another case in which those men were not among the accused. John Dewar, a former police inspector, is accused by Louise Nicholas of not properly handling her complaint of a pack rape to cover for the policemen, who were his colleagues. He provided the Herald and TV3 with documents which he said showed he had done a good job investigating the matter and had been praised, including by the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) at the time, Sir John Jeffries.

2004-0210 - NZ Herald - What Louise Nicholas says
Louise Nicholas has alleged that she was raped and violated by three police officers in Rotorua in 1986 when she was 18 years old, and that another officer covered up her allegations to protect his colleagues. The men she has named have vehemently denied the allegations.

2004-0209 - The Press - New beat     
Few would have predicted that the allegations of a police rape would have had such radical consequences. Within days of the charges being made public last Saturday, the case is subject to a high powered investigation, as is the culture of the police force, and the judgment of the commissioner is under question

2004-0209 - NZ Herald - Queries on Clint Rickards' business outside police force      
by Louisa Cleave - company set up by Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards and his partner last year may be part of the Government's commission of inquiry into the police handling of claims that three officers pack-raped a woman

2004-0209 - NZ Herald - Steve Long - 'Professional with a heart'
by Julie Middleton -
Steve Long, aged in his early 50s, is a fifth-generation policeman. But in investigating his own he is taking on one of the tougher jobs of his career. Long is heading the police investigation into complaints by Louise Nicholas that she was raped by three police officers in a Rotorua police house in 1986, when she was 18.

2004-0208 - One News - Nicholas consented: flatmate     
Police say they're likely to interview a former flatmate of Louise Nicholas again when they re-investigate her allegations that she was pack-raped by three police officers. The flatmate said in a statement that Nicholas consented to sex and enjoyed it.

2004-0208 - Sunday Star Times - Only drastic reform will banish public's fear   
by Jonathan Milne - When Clark announced a commission of inquiry encompassing the culture within the police, she left the door open to an Australian-style director of public prosecutions to make decisions too tough for police. She has been accused of a knee-jerk reaction to one isolated case. But some Kiwis - like the young Maori protesters at Waitangi - might suggest the Louise Nicholas case was simply the wake-up call mainstream New Zealand needed. Undoubtedly, most of our boys and girls in blue throw themselves wholeheartedly into doing the best job they can. But neither the police, nor the country as a whole, can afford to have an entire section of the community in fear of the police.

2004-0208 - Sunday Star Times - We don't know how lucky we are, mate     
by Michael Laws - Yet there were things at home last week that also gave me a queasy tummy. Like this trial by media of police assistant commissioner Clint Rickards and two of his former colleagues. You see, I'm one of those old-fashioned people that presumes innocence until the proof of guilt. I think the law has gifted us one of the great moral maxims of our time - that neither accusation nor allegation a criminal makes.

2004-0208 - Sunday Star Times - Undercover officers risk deep damage     
by David Fisher - Undercover work places cops in an anti-women world of drugs and distorted values. Few officers leave it unscathed. Clint Rickards was always a survivor

2004-0208 - Sunday Star Times - Pack Mentality     
by David Fisher - "I wonder how easy she would be," a senior male police officer says to another, referring to a female colleague. The comment was among those collected by Prue Hyman, a research associate in gender and women's studies at Victoria University, in her police-commissioned study, Women in the CIB, in 2000. Hyman interviewed dozens of officers and plans to discuss her report with police headquarters, to discover if it will be put forward to the commission of inquiry

2004-0208 - Sunday Star Times - Flatmate says Nicholas' sex with cops was consensual     
by Rachel Grunwell - A woman who flatted with Louise Nicholas around the time she alleges she was pack raped by three police officers had told police she believed Nicholas' sex with these officers was consensual

2004-0207 - NZ Herald - Quiet lives with dark secrets     

Louise Nicholas claims she was pack-raped by three police officers in the 1980s. Picture / Alan Gibson

by Geoff Cumming, with reporting by Phil Taylor, Jo-Marie Brown, Ainsley Thomson and Eleanor Black - The police are facing an unprecedented crisis over allegations of rape against officers. In this comprehensive report the Weekend Herald traces how long-buried secrets have come back to life: Louise Nicholas was getting on with life. She had buried her memories of repeated rapes by policemen in Murupara, a gang-rape ordeal in Rotorua, the baton, the inquiries which ran into brick walls……

2004-0207 - Waikato Times - Ex-cop Dewar: Divisive or a straight shooter?
by Nicola Boyes - John Dewar was the head of the Rotorua CIB and armed offender squad when he faced scrutiny by his own. Now, nine years on, he has left the police and is the human resources manager for the midland region of St John ambulance –- but his conduct as an officer is once again under scrutiny.

2004-0207 - Waikato Times - Miller himself berated for inquiry that he fronted
by Nicola Boyes - One of the main players in revelations of the alleged police pack rape of a Rotorua woman suffered his own public berating following an inquiry he headed. Rex Miller, former Hamilton CIB head, conducted a Police Complaints Authority investigation in 1995 into the handling of pack rape allegations by former Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas.

2004-0207 - NZ Herald - Fourth man key to police rape inquiries
by Phil Taylor - A mysterious "fourth man" said to have witnessed an alleged pack-rape by police officers could be critical to the two official inquiries launched this week. The Deputy Police Commissioner's team investigating Louise Nicholas' claim that she was pack-raped by three police, including Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards, is trying to identify the man she says witnessed it.

2004-0207 - Stuff - Inquiry team trying to find 'fourth man'     
NZPA - An unidentified "fourth man" said to have witnessed an alleged pack-rape by police officers could be critical to the two official inquiries launched this week.

2004-0207 - NZ Herald - The rise and fall of a police chief
by Phil Taylor - John Buchanan Dewar is a man with drive and ambition, someone for whom success and being recognised as successful are important. He has always had the appearance of a man who means business. Well-groomed, dressed to look the part, he was perhaps the only policeman who drove to work in a Rolls-Royce.

2004-0207 - NZ Herald - How do you lay a complaint against the police?     
by Geoff Cumming - You've been roughed up by police in a case of mistaken identity; banged up after evidence was planted; or your burglary complaint has been ignored. Who do you turn to? The police, of course.

2004-0206 - Stuff - Alleged police rape victim happy to be back in paradise     
NZPA - Judith Garrett holds her head high when she walks in Kaitaia, a Far North town where nasty pamphlets were once displayed accusing her of crying rape. Ms Garrett, who nearly 16 years ago complained she was handcuffed and raped by a Kaitaia police officer, moved back to the area just 10 days ago after spending five years being "anonymous" in Otago.

2004-0206 - Stuff - Police told to keep mum about culture in the force      
NZPA - Police have been told to close ranks to media asking questions following historical rape allegations by Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas. Staff had been told not to talk about the culture in the force in the past, and police national headquarters general manager of public affairs Michael Player had sent staff a memo saying they should not respond to any media requests for information about what their working lives were like in past decades.

2004-0206 - Stuff - Southern police boss to head police rape investigation
NZPA - Southern police boss Superintendent Nick Perry is to head the criminal investigation into the historical rape allegations against three police officers.

2004-0206 - Otago Daily Times - Perry to lead investigation of rape claim
by Lea Stewart - Southern police district commander Superintendent Nick Perry will head the high-profile criminal investigation into the historical rape allegations against three police officers. Supt Perry (52) will lead a team of 13 police staff, three of whom also come from the Southern district. He will answer to deputy commissioner of operations Steve Long.

2004-0206 - NZ Herald - Gruelling months await chosen judge for police inquiry
by Kevin Taylor - Whoever heads the police pack-rape commission of inquiry will be asked to undertake a rigorous and complex probe which may last all year. Not only will the inquiry delve into police investigations of Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas' allegations she was pack-raped by three officers in 1986, but it will also look at the police "culture" in such cases

2004-0206 - NZ Herald - Police HQ orders staff to close ranks on past culture in the force
by Jo-Marie Brown and NZPA - Police officers have been warned not to speak out about the culture that existed within the force at the time Louise Nicholas says she was pack-raped. In a memo circulated to staff, the general manager of public affairs at police national headquarters, Michael Player, said staff should not respond to any media requests for information about what their working lives were like in past decades

2004-0206 - NZ Herald - 'Slipups' abort previous trials against police officer on sex charges
by James Gardiner - A series of Rotorua court cases nine years ago gives a clear idea of the type of concerns Prime Minister Helen Clark had in mind when she spoke of the need for the commission of inquiry to look at the culture of the police. A former police officer was tried three times on charges of indecent assault and sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl living with him as a member of his family and under his care and protection.