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2004-0205 - Stuff - More rape claims against police officers emerge
NZPA - Further claims of rape by police officers were surfacing today following the Government's decision to order a commission of inquiry into the handling of pack-rape allegations. National Radio reported that an Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation counsellor knew of four cases in the past 18 months of rape complaints against police that did not make it to court.

2004-0205 - Otago Daily Times - Police rape inquiry to consider second case Kaitaia woman comes forward
The case of a second woman alleging rape involving a police officer is being taken into account as terms of reference are drawn up for a commission of inquiry into allegations by Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas. Judith Garrett took a private prosecution against the Attorney-general, alleging police failed to properly investigate a Kaitaia rape claim against a police officer

2004-0205 - One News - More cops accused of rape
A rape counselling service says it knows of other cases involving rape complaints against police officer haven't made it to court

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Alleged rape victim: I want to see policeman in the dock
by Louisa Cleave - Judith Garrett still hopes to see the police officer she alleges raped her more than 15 years ago stand trial. Prime Minister Helen Clark has confirmed Ms Garrett's case will be taken into account when terms of reference are drawn up for a commission of inquiry into the police handling of an alleged pack-rape by three police officers.

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Claims shattering, says former Rotorua officer
NZPA - A former senior Rotorua policeman is shattered by the resurfacing of pack-rape allegations involving men he commanded. Former senior sergeant Max Jones, who served in Rotorua for all but one year between 1985 and 2000, says he thought the subject had been put to rest many years ago.

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Inquiry to look into 'deathbed confession'
by Ainsley Thomson and NZPA - A former policeman's reported deathbed confession that he was warned to keep quiet about claims of a police pack-rape will be examined in the reopened criminal investigation

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Opening doors of a closed culture
by Renee Kiriona - The search for truth is on but putting the police force under the microscope will be very difficult. Inquiries, which include looking at allegations by Louise Nicholas that she was gang raped in 1986 by three police officers, have begun. And according to some retired officers, rape crisis experts and academics those heading the inquiries are likely to face difficulties

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Probe will include similar cases
by Kevin Taylor - Other "relevant" cases will form part of the commission of inquiry into the handling of police pack-rape allegations, says Prime Minister Helen Clark. But a spokesman said the commission, announced on Tuesday, would not be a forum for just any grievance against the police.

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - 'Professional with a heart'
by Julie Middleton - Steve Long is heading the police investigation into complaints by Louise Nicholas that she was raped by three police officers in a Rotorua police house in 1986, when she was 18.

2004-0205 - Dominion Post - Another rape claim 'the final straw' - PM     
by Nick Venter, Kelly Andrew and Gordon Jon Thompson - Another alleged rape by a police officer was a key factor in the Government's decision to order an independent inquiry into the alleged pack rape of Louise Nicholas.

2004-0205 - Dominion Post - My hair stood on end, says PM
by Nick Venter, Kelly Andrew and Gordon Jon - Another alleged rape by a police officer was a key factor in the Government's decision to order an independent inquiry into the alleged pack rape of Louise Nicholas.

2004-0204 - One News - Deathbed confession in rape case
A deathbed confession linked to the Rotorua police rape allegations has added fresh fuel to the controversial case. Now Nicholas' brother Peter Crawford is claiming he received a deathbed confession from former police sergeant and close friend Trevor Clayton as the man lay dying of cancer. Crawford says the man asked for Nicholas and her family to forgive him, backing her claims of a rape and subsequent cover up.

2004-0204 - Otago Daily Times - Police face inquiry into rape handling
An independent commission of inquiry with wide-ranging powers and a reopened criminal investigation were announced yesterday

2004-0204 - Newstalk ZB - Pack rape house owner is fed up
Woman whose house was scene of alleged police pack rape in 1986 has had enough of unwanted publicity

2004-0204 - Newstalk ZB - Councillor won't step down over allegations
Former police officer accused of pack raping teenager in Rotorua says he will not step down as a councillor. Tauranga councillor Brad Shipton has confirmed he has no intention of stepping down from the job.

2004-0204 - Libertarianz Party - Clark is Wrong on Police Inquiry
by Robert Palmer - Helen Clark's police inquiry is off to a very poor start. "Clark blunders from issue to non-issue, confusing the roles of the criminal investigation and the politically-appointed commission of inquiry."

2004-0204 - Newstalk ZB - Commission of Inquiry running within fortnight
Attorney General Margaret Wilson expects inquiry into the police pack rape claims will be run by a retired judge. The Commission of Inquiry into the police pack rape claims should be up and running within a fortnight. Attorney General Margaret Wilson says she has not yet approached anyone to head the Inquiry, but they are looking at a retired judge.

2004-0204 - Green Party - Greens want Police inquiry made public
Press Release - "The commission's terms of reference should specifically allow the public to make submissions so that the inquiry head cannot impose arbitrary definitions of who is, and isn't, an 'interested person'," said Keith Locke, Green Spokesperson on the Police.

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Former policeman said to have made deathbed confession
NZPA - A former policeman made a deathbed confession saying he was warned to keep quiet about rape claims made by Louise Nicholas, the Dominion Post reported today. The newspaper said a friend of the policeman, Louise Nicholas' brother Peter Crawford, said that the week before former Rotorua policeman Trevor Clayton died last year, Mr Clayton broke down and said he wanted to ask for forgiveness from Mrs Nicholas and her family.

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Clark turns heat on police
by Kevin Taylor, political reporter - Prime Minister Helen Clark has ordered a powerful commission of inquiry into the police's handling of claims that three police officers pack-raped a woman. The culture within the police will also be under the microscope of the inquiry, which she said might take most of this year.

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Blunt talker, straight-up guy
Former Detective Chief Inspector Rex Miller is a blunt talker with a dry sense of humour. He is frequently politically incorrect and fond of the odd colourful word. But he is also articulate and straight-up. At one point in a wide-ranging conversation, he says: "If you tell the truth you don't have to have a good memory."

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Second woman's anguish
by Eleanor Black - A second woman whose rape complaint was bungled by police has spoken out about police treatment. The woman, whose 1982 rape complaint was handled in what a police investigator later agreed was a "woefully inadequate" manner, used to live close to Louise Nicholas, whose pack-rape complaint has sparked a commission of inquiry. The woman, whose name has been suppressed, was given a police apology for the way she was treated but she wants compensation.

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Police worried reputation tai
by Staff Reporters - In police staff canteens around the country, news of the commission of inquiry hit like a physical assault. Police, among the most respected professions in the country, have found themselves in the glare of bad publicity over rape allegations and whether they were investigated properly. Word passed quickly among rank and file police yesterday as news broke that criminal investigations would be reopened into historical rape allegations and a senior policeman, Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards, had been stood down.

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Nicholas account credible says counsellor
by Ainsley Thomson and NZPA - On hearing the news that the criminal investigation into the police pack-rape had been reopened and a commission of inquiry started, Margaret Craig switched off her phone and headed straight for the beach. The past three days for the sexual abuse counsellor, who worked with Louise Nicholas - the woman at the centre of the allegations - have been a roller-coaster of emotions. Yesterday afternoon she had a rare moment of relief from the case that has concerned her for the last 10 years

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - Mayor unaware of allegations against Rickards
by Louisa Cleave - Auckland City Mayor John Banks says he was not told of historical allegations against Clint Rickards when he was promoted to the city's top police job. Mr Banks said he was also not briefed on the case during his time as police minister between 1990 and 1993, when a Police Complaints Authority investigation was conducted into Louise Nicholas' rape allegations.

2004-0204 - NZ Herald - 'Inquiry should have happened 10 years ago'
by Julie Middleton - Louise Nicholas is "stoked" that the Government has announced a commission of inquiry into her historic rape allegations. Yesterday afternoon, as the news broke, husband Ross rushed to the farm where his wife works, "dragged me out of the cowshed and told me they were reopening the criminal investigation. I just burst into tears". "It should have happened 10 years ago and I've had to wait this long for them to do it ... "

2004-0204 - Newstalk ZB - Investigation head says no cover-up
The man who originally investigated allegations that three policemen raped a Rotorua teenager in 1986 is defending his inquiry. As a detective inspector, Mr Dewar looked into Louise Nicholas's claim that she was raped by Auckland City district head Assistant Commissioner Clint Rickards and former colleagues Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum. She alleges Mr Dewar failed to carry out a proper investigation in order to protect his colleagues

2004-0204 - Newstalk ZB - Staff traumatised by pack rape claims
Mr Robinson says the allegations have traumatised some of his staff, who have expressed a range of emotions. He says there is a pride in the professionalism of the organisation that is carried by all police officers and when something touches one of them it reflects upon everyone. Mr Robinson says public trust and confidence in the