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The Main Players
Taken from  The Dominion Post, May 24 2004
Photos from The NZ Herald

Louise Nicholas: Alleges she was pack-raped and violated with a baton by Rickards, Schollum and Shipton in Rotorua in 1986.

Clint Rickards: Auckland district police commander and assistant commissioner. Joined Rotorua police in 1979. Currently stood down on full pay.

Brad Shipton: Tauranga city councillor. Policeman for 18 years, who was based in Rotorua in 1986

Bob Schollum: Hastings used-car salesman. Joined police 1977, posted to Murupara 1980, then Rotorua.

Kelvin Powell: Waikato district commander, stood down on full pay while allegations of sexual offending in the 1980s are investigated.

John Dewar: Former head of Rotorua CIB. Accused of failing to properly investigate Nicholas' 1986 allegations.

Rex Miller: Retired detective chief inspector who led Police Complaints Authority inquiry into Dewar's handling of Nicholas' complaint.

Bruce Robertson and Dame Margaret Bazley: The High Court judge and the no-nonsense civil servant appointed to head the inquiry.

Rob Robinson: Police commissioner. Promoted Rickards.

Nick Perry: Southern district commander tasked with leading the criminal investigation into the pack-rape claims.

Judith Garrett: Came forward after Mrs Nicholas' claims became public alleging a Kaitaia constable handcuffed and raped her in a police station in March 1988.

Timothy Ogle, accused by Judith Garrett, Sent for trial, March 2005