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2006-0402 - Sunday Star Times - First police accused speaks out
by Rachel Grunwell - The first policeman accused and acquitted of sex crimes against Louise Nicholas has broken his silence, saying her lies have ruined his life. The man, who has permanent name suppression, is one of seven officers Nicholas has accused of sexual assault. None has been convicted………………….. The man last week told the Sunday Star-Times Nicholas lived in a "fantasy world". He said he was obsessed about what happened to him, and that had contributed to the collapse of his marriage. His wife last week said: "Her lies have ruined a lot of lives."

2006-0402 - Stuff - Nicholas has no regrets
NZPA - Louise Nicholas, whose allegations of rape and sexual abuse against assistant police commissioner Clint Rickards and two former policeman were dismissed by an Auckland court on Friday, has no regrets about laying her complaints

2006-0402 - Sunday News - Rape accuser Nicholas stands firm
by Katie Bradford - Louise Nicholas arrived home in Rotorua yesterday with no regrets after losing her headline-making rape case. Speaking outside her in-laws' home, the 36-year-old said: "You just do what you believe in. "It's onwards and upwards from here."

2006-0402 - NZ Herald - Rickards' accuser has no regrets
Staff Reporters - The woman who accused one of the country's top police officers of rape has revealed she has no regrets about pursuing the case. Her comment came the day after one of the country's most senior policemen walked free from the High Court in Auckland after a three-week rape trial.

2006-0402 - Sunday Star Times - 1986
by Rosemary McLeod - The Louise Nicholas rape trial has dissected events that happened 20 years ago. Rosemary McLeod looks back on 1986 and remembers the best and worst of times………. It was a time in their lives, said Deputy Police Commissioner Clint Rickards' lawyer, John Haigh, QC, of a "freedom of sexuality which may seem astonishing to many of us, but nevertheless existed".

2006-0402 - Sunday Star Times - Cops given legal aid
by Rachel Grunwell - Two of the men acquitted in the Louise Nicholas case received legal aid to defend themselves. The legal aid bill for former policemen Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum is among costs for the case which could push the bill for taxpayers to $14 million

2006-0402 - Sunday Star Times - I behaved immorally: Shipton
by Rachel Grunwell - Craig Shipton yesterday said his brother knew he had behaved immorally. "He admitted (to me) he was morally ashamed of his behaviour, but it doesn't make it illegal... most people have things they are ashamed of in their lives."

2006-0402 - Sunday Star Times - Crimes and misdemeanours
by Steve Braunias - Steve Braunias heard - and watched - all the evidence at an extraordinary three-week rape trial which ended on Friday with the acquittal of three police officers. Justice was served, he reports, but was the trial really about rape charges?