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Baddeley, Alan Human Memory, 1998

Baker, Robert A. Hidden Memories, 1996

Baker, Robert A Child Sexual Abuse and False Memory Syndrome, 1998



Baddeley, Alan
Human Memory, 1998
Theory and practice, revised edition


From the Back Cover
KEY BENEFIT: The field of memory in cognitive Psychology is undergoing rapid changes. This new edition is updated with the most-recent discoveries in the field.
KEY TOPICS: In this new edition, respected scholar Alan Baddeley retains all of the chapters of the previous edition and adds three new chapters called "Consciousness," "Implicit Learning" and "Recollective and Implicit Memory." The new chapters include coverage of one of the most fascinating studies of memory: ecological (or everyday) memory. Addtional topics include: failing memory; retrieval; treating memory problems; and the role of memory.
MARKET: Cognitive psychologists and psychiatrists.


Baker, Robert A.
Hidden Memories, 1996
Voices and visions from within


Booknews, Inc. , August 1, 1992
A psychologist offers down-to-earth explanations for various kinds of "supernatural" experiences. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Midwest Book Review
An upstate New York woman was gripped one day by the horrifying childhood memory that her father had involved her in satanic rituals. Jennifer recalled a time when she was four and was forced to witness animal sacrifices and the torture of infants. She even remembered being placed in a coffin with live snakes during these "devil parties". Thinking of those horrors as an adult, Jennifer was astounded that years ago no one in her family seemed aware she was being abused. Similarly bizarre tales of alien abductions, satanic possessions, channeling of spirits, and memories of past lives are not only reported, but also promoted in the media each day. But are these "memories" reliable, and should they be used as credible evidence in courts?


Baker, Robert A.
Child Sexual Abuse and False Memory Syndrome, 1998
Voices and visions from within

"In an effort to bring scientific understanding to this complex and highly emotional controversy, psychologist Robert A. Baker has collected important essays by noted experts on child sexual abuse.

"A careful, scholarly look at false memory syndrome issues
This book is an extremely useful addition to the debate on false allegations of child sexual abuse and false memory syndrome. Far too often, anyone who questions any "suppressed" and "recovered" memories of child sexual abuse is accused of protecting pedophiles and retraumatizing victims, yet research has shown that memories are far more malleable and susceptible to suggestion than one might think. Articles by Michael D. Yapko, author of "Suggestions of Abuse," Elizabeth F. Loftus, author of "The Myth of Repressed Memory," and researchers Stephen J. Ceci and Maggie Bruck are included, among others. If you are serious about researching the issue of false memories of child sexual abuse, this volume will be a valuable addition to your library.
Ellen Ros; Johnstown, New York , August 23, 1998,