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Documents include reviews and papers associated with the Ellis case in particular, as well as all issues associated with the New Zealand child sex abuse witchhunt of the 1990s

Credibility of Children's Testimony - Suggestibility Research

Martindale, David A (2001)

On the Importance of Suggestibility Research in Assessing the Credibility of Children’s Testimony,


Stephen J Ceci and Richard D Friedman (2000)

The suggestibility of children: Scientific research and legal implications;

Lyon, Thomas D (1999)

The New Wave in Children's Suggestibility Research: A Critique

Victoria University Psychology Research Team
Link to Victoria University of Wellington, School of Psychology, Research team led by Maryanne Garry

Garry writes: I am interested in how we can come to believe we saw or did something that we never did, and how we decide whether our memories are true or false. I have testified in court and consulted with defence attorneys on the legal implications for these issues (for instance, the accuracy of eyewitness testimony and "recovered" memories of childhood sexual abuse).

Selected papers on Garry's site relevant to the Ellis case include: (Refer to Victoria University site for others)

Sharman SJ, Manning CG, & Garry M. (2005).
Explain this: explaining childhood events inflates confidence for those events,

Gerrie MP, Garry M, & Loftus EF. (in press).
False memories.

Strange D, Garry M, & Sutherland R. (2003).
Drawing out children's false memories.

Garry M, Sharman SJ, Wade KA, Hunt MJ, & Smith PJ. (2001).
Imagination inflation is a fact, not an artifact

Garry M, & Polaschek DLL. (2000).
Imagination and memory

Rutgers University - Memory Repression and Recovery
Robert Reagan (1999)
Scientific Consensus on Memory Repression and Recovery
Rutgers Law Review
Winter 1999

Child Interviewing Practice   (pdf)

Stephen Ceci
(2000)  Maggie Bruck
Stephen J Ceci and Maggie Bruck (2000)
Why Judges must insist on electronically preserved recordings of child interviews

IPT - Institute for Psychological Therapies
Link to Journal of the IPT - Issues in Child Abuse Accusations. IPT is a private practice of clinical psychology. IPT's primary work is related to allegations of child sexual abuse. 
Hollida Wakefield
Institute Psychological Therapies  Ralph Underwager
Institute for Psychological Therapies
Editors Hollida Wakefield and Ralph Underwager

Selected Papers: (refer to site for others)

Judith Adams (1997)
Interviewing Methods and Hearsay Testimony in Suspected Child Sexual Abuse Cases: Questions of Accuracy
IPT Volume 9.1.4 - 1997

Stephen Danforth (2001)
What Happens When the Prosecutorial Urge to Create Persuasive Video Evidence Contaminates the Child Interviewing Process in Cases of Alleged Sexual Abuse
IPT Volume 11.1.4 - 2001

Felicity Goodyear-Smith (1996)
Victim oriented law reforms: Advantages and pitfalls
IPT Volume 8.2.4 - 1996

Robert G Huebner (1997)
The Tide has turned for the falsely accused of sexual abuse: A Christian perspective
IPT Volume 9.3.5 - 1997

Susan P Robbins (1998)
The Social and cultural context of Satanic Ritual Abuse allegations
IPT Volume 10.8 - 1998

Susan K Sarnoff (1997)
Assessing the costs of false allegations of child abuse
IPT Volume 9.3.2 - 1997

Siv Westerburg (1997)
Children as the primary losers when sexual abuse is falsely alleged: Two Swedish cases
IPT Volume 9.1.5 - 1997

False Allegations

Hall, Richard; Hall, Ryan (2001)
False Allegations: The role of the forensic psychiatrist
Journal of Psyciatric Practice, September 2001, p343-346

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The "Peter Ellis Syndrome" -
Papers on the effect on teachers of concerns about the possibility of false sexual abuse allegations

Jones, Alison (2003)
Primary teacher trainees: identity formation in an age of anxiety,

Jones, Alison (2003)
The monster in the room: safety, pleasure and early childhood education,

Jones, Alison (2004) 
Risk Anxiety, Policy, and the Spectre of Sexual Abuse in Early Childhood Education.

McMillan, K; Worth H; Jones A
The anxiety of risk awareness: teacher's talk about touching children

Satanic Ritual Abuse Hysteria in New Zealand
Hill, Professor Michael (1998),
Satan's Excellent Adventure in the Antipodes,
(Currently located in 1998 News Reports)

Parr, Arnold and Stockton, Alison (1998)
Moral Panic or Claims making
An analysis of the Christchurch Creche case
University of Canterbury, Department of Sociology
(New Oct 2008)

The NZ Sexual Abuse Industry
Laidlaw,T; Goodyear-Smith,F; Gorman,D (2000) 
Sexual abuse counselling: what is the rationale?;