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This page last updated 7 April 2007,

July 2006;  Fear of perverts at swimming pools

 A ban on dressing toddlers by the poolside.  It's supposedly a "warning about the risks"  Perverts may be lurking. Even in Kaiapoi!   After a century with no problems it may no longer be "appropriate".



Jan 2006;  Fear of perverts driving passengers

In the zeal to provide absolute safety to all passengers, crusading politicians competed to be the toughest on sex offenders. The new law was unsurprisingly unfair, and crusading politicians competed to fix up the mess.

Nov 2005;  Fear of perverts in airlines

The policy of Air New Zealand and Qantas to ban men from sitting next to unaccompanied children provoked public outrage. The airlines have not yet changed their policy.

Sep 2006;  Fear of perverts watching gymnastics

The fear of "odd strange fellows" taking "unsavoury photographs" of young athletes has prompted Gymnastics New Zealand to crack down on camera use at its national championships

From 1993;  Fear of perverts teaching

Male teachers are becoming a rare breed. There is plenty of evidence that the Peter Ellis case, and the frivolous prosecution of a number of male teachers for sex offences in later high profile cases, is contributing to the shortage.

Dec 2006;  Fear of perverts in bars

Unsubstantiated allegations of drink spiking and drug rape quickly became "cases" and then the "tip of the iceberg". Experts indicate it's an urban myth - women simply drink too much, have drunken sex and wake up with a guilty conscience.