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2004-1208 - NZ Herald - Tragedy of the teaching profession
Editorial -
Few items of news have been sadder than the plight of Kapiti Coast schoolteacher Mike Neville after his acquittal last week on four charges of indecent assault of pupils..... the jury’s verdict speaks for itself. Mr Neville has been through an 18-month ordeal of allegations, police investigation, prosecution and the long wait for the hearing that has cleared him......... His case illustrates the tragedy of a profession that desperately needs more men yet has to treat them with suspicion

2004-1207 - NZ Herald - 'Safe practice' casts teachers as abusers
by Alison Jones -
The acquittal of Michael Neville, the schoolteacher accused of abusing his pupils, was welcomed cautiously by the primary teachers' union, the New Zealand Educational Institute. Its national secretary, Lynne Bruce, said not that the case marked a victory but that it highlighted an "occupational hazard" for (particularly male) primary teachers. That is disturbing enough. But what's more alarming is that the policies and practices intended to guard against this risk unintentionally maintain the idea of the teacher as a sexual abuser.

2004-1026 - Dominion Post - More teachers behaving badly
by Leanne Bell -
More than 50 teachers have been investigated for inappropriate behaviour this year, including indecent assault, having sex with students, violence, abuse and fraud. The Teachers Council has made disciplinary or conduct decisions regarding 53 teachers this year, compared with 38 for the whole of last year and 35 in 2002, according to figures from the council.