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2003-0923 - Marlborough Express - Male teachers 'forced' to be too PC
The Ministry of Education is failing its male teaching staff by forcing them to be too politically correct, some teachers say. Matt Robertson, one of only 28 male primary teachers in Marlborough, said many men were deterred from training in the primary sector because the guidelines had become unworkable. Mr Robertson, a teacher at Witherlea School, said Education Ministry rules were so inflexible that teachers were forced to ignore them for the well-being of their pupils.

2003-0716 - The Press - Male teachers
by John Prince - While I can sympathise with the concerns expressed by schoolteacher Malcolm Long (July 12), I also know many adults who are grateful to those trailblazing "radical feminists" who were courageous enough to confront those who abused them. As a result of their courage we are now seeing increasing numbers of adults, especially men, able to disclose the abuse they were subjected to as children and receive help

2003-0630 - The Press - Sex-abuse fears put men off teaching
by Tara Ross - Men are avoiding primary school teaching because they fear contact with children exposes them to allegations of sexual abuse, new research suggests. Men make up only 13.6 per cent of classroom teachers in primary schools. Educators say more are needed to combat boys' under- achievement, and have called for targeted scholarships to boost their numbers. But Christchurch College of Education research shows scholarships may not be enough to override men's anxiety about physical contact with children -- and thereby suspicion of sexual abuse.