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photos below from TVNZ Closeup

There has never been a problem, but the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre
can never be too safe!
Who knows who may be watching or photographing or videoing?

One mother has been told her community pool is a place where perverts may be lurking.

A new rule - No changing toddlers by the pool!

Craig Sargison of the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre says itís a "warning
about the risks

The new rule is about "
personal safety for the parents and the children so they are not being filmed by anyone around the poolside"

Amanda Crozier is approached by a lifeguard and told
"It is now our policy that everybody must be changed in the changing rooms"

"It's gone wrong.
The world's a sad place if you have to start thinking like that"

She's three and a half!

User friendly at Christchurch pools:
It's the parent's choice as to how they get their child changed"

Commonsense in Auckland:
There has never been a problem"

John Filsill (NZ Recreation Association)
Rules, Guidelines and Enforcement:

It will be a question for the industry to get together to see whether national guidelines are appropriate. If we think they are, we'll formulate some and put them out as quickly as possible."

"It's up to each facility to make some rules and enforce them"