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This page last updated July 26 2006

2006-0726 - National Party - PC Nonsense is Bizarre
by Judith Collins -
I find the stance taken by the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre absolute nonsense. This was where a mother changing her 16 month old daughter by the side of the pool in order to keep a watchful eye on her other young children that were swimming, was told that there was a ban on child nudity

2006-0719 - NZ Herald - Father told to stop filming son on pool slide
by Maggie McNaughton  - An Auckland father of three is outraged that he and his wife were told to stop filming their 1-year-old son going down a slide by attendants at a Mt Albert swimming pool. Alistair Hayward contacted the Herald yesterday in response to an article about a mother in Canterbury who was dressing her 16-month-old by the side of a pool when an attendant told her child nudity was banned. He said the incident happened at the Philips Aquatic Centre in March last year.

2006-0719 - NZ Herald - Child nudity ban at pools
A Christchurch pool has banned parents from changing their children in public, citing offence taken by some swimmers and concern about paedophiles photographing naked children. We asked readers what was an unacceptable age for children to be changed in public - Letters from 40 readers; some selected comments:

Isn't this the hidden agenda for all these silly rules, that men are all evil and should be eliminated from the face of this world?

a bit of common sense is needed her

This is PC gone mad.

I am just grateful that pool manager Ann Bergman does not have responsibility for our public conveniences.

The pool's attitude is the offensive thing here

I am gobsmacked to read that the PC nonsense brigade has invaded swimming pools now

I agree with the pool rules to ban child nudity

2006-0718 - One News - No birthday suits please
Often when caregivers take children to the local pool, the hardest part is getting them out of the water and dressed. When they are younger, it's often easiest to dry them and dress them by the side of the pool. But some pools think toddler nudity is a problem, and for their own protection parents are being warned not to expose their youngsters in public. Amanda Crozier has been told the community pool where she takes her family for fun and entertainment is also a place where perverts may be lurking

2006-0718 - NZ Herald - Mum in hot water at public pool over child nudity ban
by Jarrod Booker - Amanda Crozier was dressing her 16-month-old daughter at the side of a public swimming pool when an attendant approached and told her there was a ban on child nudity. "You're kidding me, aren't you?" the mother of four replied. No, they were not. She was handed a notice that explained the policy was designed to "minimise the risks".

Photo by Brett Phibbs: Sophia Jones and children

2006-0718 - TVNZ - Closeup - PC Gone Mad?
Transcript - Some pools seem to think that toddler nudity is a problem and for their own protection parents are being warned not to expose their youngsters in public. Who knows who may be watching or photographing or videoing.   So are how our pool people paranoid or protecting the public?.......... It all happened here at the Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre. It's a Council owned facility.

2006-0717 - Newstalk ZB - Mother angry about poolside changing rule
A North Canterbury mother who received a warning not to dress her toddler beside a swimming pool believes it is political correctness gone mad........ She says children should be allowed to be children