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News Reports 3 : Dec 4-31 2005
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2005-1223 - The Press - I'm not that sort of man
by Ian Smith -
I'm not heartily offended by the airlines' decision not to let me sit next to unaccompanied children. There would be enormous relief if they extended the ban to dreary feminists. Give me a bright child's company any day.

2005-1222 - Dominion Post - Commonsense
by Daphne Tobin - How about some common sense in keeping unaccompanied children safe on planes. Surely ensuring they have an aisle seat would enable staff to keep an eye on them?

2005-1217 - The Press - My heart bleed for troubled men
by Laura Keddell - If men paid more attention to their collective responsibilities than to their wounded pride which catapults them into victim mode, obsessed about "their rights", then maybe parents wouldn't need to be worried about their children sitting next to strange men on planes

2005-1217 - The Press - Final insult
by Martin Van Beynen - So sitting next to unaccompanied minors has become part of what men are and we must not be thwarted. How sad. What a shocker of a year it has been for men. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, this month it did, and considerably so.

2005-1212 - Dominion Post - Solo flying fact of life
by Murray Hunter - Children travelling for quality time with their father (or mother) is a fact of life in these days of high divorce rates and one partner moving to another city, island or country to start a new life or to get the right job to support the cost of two homes.

2005-1212 - Dominion Post - Prefer not to be labelled
by D Young - I was disappointed to read comments that condoned the action Qantas took in the unaccompanied child case. Perhaps I'm just a selfish male but I prefer not to be labelled a paedophile every time I sit next to an unaccompanied child on a plane.

2005-1212 - Dominion Post - Cut out the claptrap
by Gus Hubbard - Though the airlines' decision not to sit men next to unaccompanied children strikes me as politically correct silliness, it is not hard to understand the reasoning. Some people, especially men, molest children.

2005-1212 - Dominion Post - Airlines have few choices
by Lee Foley - I refer to the airlines' policy about children travelling alone. The issue is not whether women and even children sexually abuse other children. It is the protection of children when they fly unaccompanied

2005-1209 - Timaru Herald - Airline policy
by R Denham - Why are the airlines only targeting men in their efforts to stop them sitting next to unaccompanied children? Although there seems very little publicity regarding women abusing youngsters, this surely cannot be ruled out

2005-1208 - Waikato Times - The two ages of the male
by Linley Boniface - My son is four. I'd like to ask Dr Kiro at what age she'll stop regarding him as a potential victim of sexual abuse, and start regarding him as a potential abuser. Because, apparently, those are the only two options left for men

2005-1208 - Dominion Post - Good work
by Wilf Welburn - Speaking as an unaccompanied man, I'd like to be seated as far away from children as possible. I hope Air New Zealand and co keep up the good work

2005-1207 - Timaru Herald - Please, even more segregation on planes
by Derek Burrows - Incidentally, most victims of paedophilia are molested by relatives or close friends of the family, so kids are actually safer travelling on an aircraft sitting next to someone they DON'T know, but don't tell the airlines or they might change their policy

2005-1207 - The Press - Simple solution
by Susan Jackman - There is a simple solution to this alleged problem. The airlines should not accept unaccompanied children on their flights. Doing so places children in a situation where there is the potential for harm

2005-1207 - The Press - Lucky men
by Jackie Robins - Men are suddenly indignant they may no longer be seated next to unaccompanied children on some international airlines. They should be over the moon as this merely leaves women to endure the company of the irritating minor

2005-1207 - Dominion Post - They do it to embarrass
by Sean Roberts - The cynic in me suggests the airline makes these seating arrangements on purpose to embarrass people

2005-1206 - The Press - Rosa Parks
by R Hamlin - Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat in the face of prejudice and discrimination. I suggest the men of New Zealand emulate her principled stand on all Air New Zealand and Qantas flights

2005-1206 - The Press - Bias astounds
by Rob Sansom - I am astounded by the bias shown by the editorial in Saturday's Press. Whilst I do not agree with the airlines' policy on unaccompanied children, the fact that the public awareness of this issue arose regarding a Qantas flight makes your headline smack of anti Air New Zealand bias

2005-1206 - The Press - Airline unnecessarily insults caring fathers
by Brian Hartley - Air NZ's use of such broad brushstrokes to paint all men as suspect paedophiles is an egregious affront to a segment of New Zealand society, most of whom are responsible caring fathers.

2005-1206 - The Press - Action for Discrimination?
by Ian Condie  - If a man is sitting beside an unaccompanied child in an aircraft and is ordered, within the hearing of other passengers, to move to another seat merely because he is a man, can he sue the airline for defamation or bring an action for discrimination?

2005-1205 - Dominion Post - Men - the real abuse victims
by Linley Boniface -
It seems surprising that Air New Zealand and Qantas have no qualms about accusing half their client base of potential paedophilia. Men, it appears, are such filthy, immoral, perverted beasts that even those who appear relatively decent on the surface cannot be trusted to withstand the temptation of being seated next to young flesh

2005-1205 - Dominion Post - False Accusations
by P Hills - It has been reported that one reason given for seating unaccompanied children next to females only on planes is to protect men from the possibility of false accusations. Presumably, for the same reason, the airlines that practise this discrimination will not object when I refuse to be seated next to an adult female

2005-1204 - Sunday Star Times - PC stuff's the norm and he's had enough
by Emily Watt - In December 1955, an unassuming Rosa Parks refused to move on a segregated Alabama bus. Fifty years later, ex-All Black Norm Hewitt says Kiwi men should do the same. "I think we've really got to stand up. It's about time men stood up and said: `This is just crap.' We've got to start pushing back this PC world we're living in."

2005-1204 - NZ Herald - Abuse fears flights of fancy
by Kerre Woodham - As the mother of a daughter who flew between Auckland and Wellington as an unaccompanied minor for years, I never, ever worried about the prospect of her being brutally assaulted by a paedophile. It didn't even cross my mind. And if that means I won't win Plunket Mother of the Year, well, so be it.