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News Reports 2 : Dec 1-3 2005
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2005-1203 - The Star - Mike Yardley Column
by Mike Yardley - Itís amazing what can occur without us realising. The exposť of airline seating policies this week has triggered a full-scale backlash. Normally it takes a new proposal to trigger such a reaction. However this controversy is a classic example of the world catching up with a decades-old scandal. The Starís sister newspaper, the NZ Herald, deserves huge praise for exposing this furtive and discriminatory slur on all male travellers

2005-1203 - The Press - Stance of Air New Zealand makes men into victims
Editorial -
Derision has greeted the Air New Zealand and Qantas policy of separating unaccompanied child passengers and men. The response is deserved, because the separation is insulting and unnecessary to the point of absurdity. The airlines are prompted by concern about abuse of minors, but a crowded plane, with attentive cabin crew and cheek-by-jowl passengers, is an unlikely venue for molestation.

2005-1203 - Southland Times - Assume at your peril
Dear Qantas, Singapore Airlines, etcetera, ....... Haven't you people read The Witches?

2005-1203 - Manawatu Standard - PC gone mad
by Richard Mays - Hah! Again the prissy, prune-lipped, self-righteous, hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, tsk-tsking, finger-wagging, mind everybody else's business, PC brigade has things arse about face

2005-1203 - Manawatu Standard - Free advice for Air NZ
by Simon Cunliffe - Having gorged themselves on political correctness, inscribed their policy manuals and presumably indulged themselves in an orgy of self-congratulatory training sessions, the airlines appear to have been caught in the throes of an ideological chunder. A technicolour yawn of mindless proportions. How else to explain the policy that came to light on Wednesday this week whereby men are banned from sitting next to unaccompanied children on Qantas and Air New Zealand flights

2005-1203 - Dominion Post - Objectors are just precious
by Jeremy Randerson - As an Air New Zealand employee, I'm dumbfounded at the anger directed at our policy of not seating males next to unaccompanied children. What would people say about us were a child in our care molested?

2005-1203 - Dominion Post - Give the kids ejector seats
Editorial -
No one -- not Dr Kiro or anyone else -- has justified it by citing an incidence of child abuse on airlines involving an adult male and wee Areta or Keanu sitting alongside him. They ought to.

2005-1202 - Timaru Herald - Anti-men Policy
by Neil Mackintosh - Feminism takes to the air with the support of Air New Zealand and Qantas and their anti- men policy.Airline officials imagine that unaccompanied children will be protected from sex offenders by relocating all men. It is interesting to discover the accepted wisdom that all men are potential sex offenders and particularly child molesters, while all women are iconic guardians of morality.

2005-1202 - Timaru Herald - Airlines Policy
by Lorna Johnson - In respect of your headlines regarding the airlines' policy of not seating men next to unaccompanied children, I would suggest that instead of insulting and penalising all men, when a paedophile is identified or convicted he should be castrated

2005-1202 - The Press - Unaccompanied men
by Neil Grant - I refer to your story about the poor bloke who was allegedly nearly killed by his daughter and her mates. Is it reasonable to suggest to Qantas and Air New Zealand that they make sure that unaccompanied men are not required to sit next to teenagers on aeroplanes?

2005-1202 - The Press - Minor Adjustment
by E J Martin - I suggest a minor adjustment to the policies of airlines that insist children travelling alone not be allowed to sit beside a male adult. As most child abuse occurs within the family, ensure parents are not allowed to sit beside their children.

2005-1202 - The Press - Desirable separation
by Pat Condon - Being a left-handed heterosexual male, father of two and grandfather of one, I sincerely thank Qantas and Air New Zealand for keeping me separate from unaccompanied, snotty, naughty children

2005-1202 - NZ Herald - Uncle Norm has a flash of true enlightenment for men
by Jim Hopkins - It all happened in a nano-second, as these things often do. One minute I was lost in the cosmic calm of a mystic Eastern healing ritual and then: Crash! My office door burst savagely open. "Cindy Kiro is a b@*&amp;@y idiot!"

2005-1202 - Dominion Post - Who really abuses kids
y (Name Withheld) - Children are not abused only by men. There were many cases where the perpetrator of sexual and physical abuse was a woman. As for the airlines, what about the age of the person allowed to sit next to the unaccompanied child? Sexual abusers can be as young as seven. Many sexual abusers are teenagers. Should Air New Zealand and Qantas, therefore, change their seating policy and now treat men and women, young and old, equally to stop children sitting next to anyone?

2005-1201 - Timaru Herald - 'Move men' procedure on planes raises hackles of SC males
Suggesting to South Canterbury men that they shouldn't sit next to an unaccompanied child on a plane is a mighty quick way to cause offence. Just try it. And while some men dealing with children accept they need to be more aware of the way they deal with youngsters than they did 30 years ago, they are offended Qantas and Air New Zealand's policies to move men sitting next to unaccompanied children.

2005-1201 - Timaru Herald - Airlines' policy sparks human rights inquiry
A ban by airlines on men sitting next to unaccompanied children will be the subject of a dispute resolution process by the Human Rights Commission, after it received four separate complaints in the past 24 hours. The policy -- common to both Qantas and Air New Zealand -- came to national attention this week when Auckland father-of- two Mark Worsley complained that he was asked to move on a Qantas flight when an unaccompanied child was seated next to him.

2005-1201 - The Press - Tree-top stage for men's rights
by Helen Murdoch - Double amputee Kevin Gill spent 22 hours on the top of a 10m high tree stump outside Nelson in the name of men's rights. The Motueka men's advocate took his protest against airline policies -- which ban men from sitting beside children travelling alone -- to the top of a recently felled historic gum outside Richmond

2005-1201 - Stuff - Your say: Children next to men on planes
23 Correspondents provide their views on the Air New Zealand/Qantas ban on men sitting next to unaccompanied children

2005-1201 - One News - Seating policy before commissioner
The Human Rights Commission is taking action over the policy of two airlines that won't seat men next to children travelling alone on planes. Air New Zealand and Qantas have asked men to move if they are allocated seats next to unaccompanied children

2005-1201 - NZ Herald - Airlines protecting children
Editorial -
The revelation that Air New Zealand and Qantas have a policy of banning men from sitting next to unaccompanied children has sparked predictable outrage. Critics, depending on their stripe, have claimed discrimination, political correctness gone mad, or a blow to a society in which men are playing a greater role in the raising of children. The airlines have reacted somewhat uncomfortably. Such are the problems of balance that these issues present to society.

2005-1201 - Nelson Mail - Protester comes down from tree in Richmond
A Motueka man has backed down from a pledge to stay up a tree until airlines review their decision not to allow men to sit next to unaccompanied children. New Zealand Father and Child Society coordinator Kevin Gill said he could not do anything more to convince Air New Zealand and Qantas to reverse the controversial policy.

2005-1201 - Manawatu Standard - Airline's 'odd' policy sending anti-men message
The decision by Air New Zealand and Quantas not to seat men next to unaccompanied children is sending an anti-male message, Massey University experts say. Massey University Centre for Public Policy Evaluation director Stuart Birks says the airlines' seating policies are "pointless and ridiculous".

2005-1201 - Dominion Post - The evil beast that is man
by Anthony Frith - I was disgusted by revelations that it is Air New Zealand and Qantas policy not to seat unaccompanied children beside men. It is galling that airlines have made this decision arbitrarily and, in doing so, spread the myth that we men are all dangerous perverts who, if left with a child, simply can not help ourselves from committing acts of indecency. It is teaching our children that all women are beyond reproach and that all men are to be feared. It this the shape of the new segregation?

2005-1201 - Dominion Post - Parents should rethink travel
by Jason Familton - Is the airlines' policy to ban men from sitting next to unaccompanied children on flights an example of PC gone wrong? What implications does this have for interaction between males and children in society? What sort of encouragement is there for males to become teachers, childcare workers or join any occupation that has anything to do with children?

2005-1201 - Dominion Post - Kids: avoid suited flyers
by Simon Casey - This stupid thinking has almost succeeded in getting men out of teaching, which I am sure Dr Kiro and other feminists would be delighted about

2005-1201 - Dominion Post - Cindy Kiro should go
by Jonathon Harper - I thought Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro was a public servant. As such, she has a duty to work within the letter and spirit of our law. Her endorsement of Air New Zealand and Qantas policies of asking male passengers to move if seated next to a child is a clear breach of human rights legislation........ I want Dr Kiro dismissed. The airlines' policy will lead to more anti-male sentiment and discrimination

2005-1201 - Bay Plenty Times - Bay fathers afraid to play dad
by Natalie Bridges - His feelings mirror those of many Kiwi blokes who have been left stunned at the story of Auckland man Mark Worsley. Mr Worsley was made to switch seats because he was sitting next to an unaccompanied child on a Qantas flight. The ban by Qantas and Air New Zealand on men sitting next to unaccompanied children is now subject to a dispute resolution process by the Human Rights Commission after four separate complaints in 24 hours