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Perverts in Aircraft

News Reports 2 : Dec 1-3 2005

Manawatu Standard
December 3 2005

PC gone mad
Letter to the Editor
by Richard Mays, Palmerston North

Hah! Again the prissy, prune-lipped, self-righteous, hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, tsk-tsking, finger-wagging, mind everybody else's business, PC brigade has things arse about face.

Those dear considerate folks at Qantas were never that worried for the child in their care. Cleverly, they were actually showing more concern for the full-fare paying bloke, subtley extricating him so the child maintained some sense of juvenile self-importance, attendants were able to place the man where he could actually enjoy the flight.

What self-respecting male wants to be stuck next to an unattached, precocious, wriggling, babbling, pain-in-the-bum, attention-seeking, ADHD Ritalin-deprived monster.

No, blokes want to be able to sit next to the foxy chick who doesn't have a place to stay when the plane lands. Failing that, somewhere where they can ogle her, and/or the hosties, watch the in-flight movie, fool around on the laptop, read, write, snooze and/or get quietly sloshed, without feeling obliged to play de facto mentor or nursemaid to someone's noisy, nosey, know-it-all and unappreciative brat.

As for the PC brigade insisting that men have a right to sit next to such unappealing long-haul companions -- who needs them.

Good on you Qantas, you're a real bloke's airline.