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Perverts in Aircraft

News Reports 2 : Dec 1-3 2005

The Dominion Post
December 2 2005

Who really abuses kids
Letter to the Editor
by (Name Withheld), Lower Hutt

I have read with interest reports about the biased policy practised by Air New Zealand and Qantas regarding sitting unaccompanied children next to males on flights.

Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro's endorsement of this practice indicates that she does not have a true picture or understanding of who the abusers of children really are.

Some time ago, I was employed in the ACC's Sensitive Claims Unit. It dealt with claims for sexual abuse.

Children are not abused only by men. There were many cases where the perpetrator of sexual and physical abuse was a woman.

As for the airlines, what about the age of the person allowed to sit next to the unaccompanied child? Sexual abusers can be as young as seven. Many sexual abusers are teenagers.

Should Air New Zealand and Qantas, therefore, change their seating policy and now treat men and women, young and old, equally to stop children sitting next to anyone?