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This page last updated May 14 2007

2007-0514 - Criminal cases review commission

A "Criminal Cases Review Commission" must be put in place as soon as possible to rectify miscarriages of justice, spokesperson Brian Robinson says. Such a commission, recommended by Justice Thorp over a year ago has the backing of Parliament's justice select committee, and was enthusiastically received by a Law Conference over a year ago.

2007-0418 - False rape claim case highlights significant problem

A high profile rape allegation involving a home invasion was later revealed as a hoax. The hoax prompted some academics to make statements minimising the problem of false allegations, and even to make excuses for perpetrators of false allegations. responds to provide some balance to the myths being propagated

2007-0403 - Sex abuse zealotry will not solve child abuse

The New Zealand police launched 18 balloons in memory of 18 children who have died from abuse since 2002. is extremely concerned that sex abuse zealots such as Australian Freda Briggs is using such deaths to promote questionable sex abuse programmes for pre school children.

2007-0403 - New police procedure for sexual assault victims concern

New Procedures for interviewing sex abuse complainants are being trialled by Wellington police - with the admirable aims of making the process easier for complainants, and getting better quality information. is however concerned that the proposals may be detrimental to victims of false allegations of sex abuse.

Firstly the reports of the new trial refers to sex abuse victims instead of sex abuse complainants, illustrating a prejudicial approach to complaints. Secondly, police are, as a matter of policy delaying interviewing complainants, and ignoring concerns about contamination of evidence from sex abuse counsellors

2006-1208 - Dodgy Awareness-raising Campaigns and News Media Gullibility

In December 2006, an outbreak of hysteria associated with the possibility of drink spiking, and drug rape occurred. The reoccurrence of this urban myth appeared to originate from Lorraine Jans, a New Plymouth extremist sex abuse counsellor. is concerned that there was little intelligent scepticism of the reports, and for nearly a week nobody questioned the validity of the scaremongering.  It appears that individuals and organisations are too frightened to question even the most outrageous claims, for fear of offending the Rape Crisis lobby group.

(Three months later the police reported, as expected, no evidence of drugs other than alcohol, in any of the supposed "drug rape" victims)

2006-1204 - Thank you, Frank Haden

Frank Haden a veteran journalist announced his enforced retirement due to illness. takes the opportunity to thank Frank for his work, and in particular for his willingness to speak his mind on the Christchurch Civic Creche case.

Frank died in March 2007

2006-1111 - PM must apologise to acquitted former policeman

In early 2004, Judith Garrett made rape allegations against a former police officer. The allegations led to the Prime Minister saying that the allegations made her "hair stand on end", and even included the claims into the terms of reference for a commission of Inquiry into police conduct.

The case went to trial, despite the man's lawyer suggesting there was insufficient evidence. The man was fortunately able to overcome the hurdles of an historical allegation and finding witnesses and evidence that would prove his innocence, and make a "Not Guilty" verdict inevitable. considers that the Prime Minister owes an apology to the acquitted man

(Five months later, the Prime Minister did the opposite, referring to Judith Garrett as a "brave" woman for making her allegations)

2006-1110 - Pardons are much better if they are given in a person's lifetime

Considerable publicity surrounded the pardons of three soldiers who were executed during the 1914-18 war. applauds the pardons, but makes the point that pardons are far more meaningful if they are given within a person's lifetime, coupled with ample compensation. The government should consider the Peter Ellis injustice far more seriously. He deserves a remedy within his lifetime, and not a century later.

2006-1017 - New Zealand Justice on Trial

The Australian courts have permitted extradition of two clergymen to New Zealand to face sex charges. Extradition had previously been stopped by Australian Justice Madgwick in a lower court. hopes that our justice system will heed Madgwick's concerns that the men may not receive a fair trial in New Zealand.

2006-1010 - Government compensation miserly, sexist and racist

The government has provided some compensation to three girls who, as teenagers, were jailed for a serious crime that they did not commit., considers the compensation offer miserly, sexist and racist

2006-0926 - The elephant in the schoolroom

The NZ Educational Institute has released a new code of conduct for teachers. Teachers are now permitted to touch children if appropriate. Such permission was denied in the aftermath of the Peter Ellis case considers the new policy sensible, but gives little cause for celebration. The underlying causes for the lack of confidence for men entering the profession is still ignored.  An inquiry into the Christchurch Civic creche case is more important than ever.

2006-0901 - Lord Cooke

Lord Cooke has obviously been an influential member of New Zealand's judiciary. notes his involvement in the Peter Ellis case and reflects that all judges are still only human, and are capable of making unfortunate judgments

2006-0623 - Frivolous police prosecutions must stop

A Wellington teacher was sent to trial, which ended abruptly when the judge determined that to continue the trial could only have provided a chance of a miscarriage of justice. says that while sex abuse is a very serious crime and should be treated seriously, this is no excuse for the police to make charges frivolously. It appears as if police are too frightened to consider not taking a sex case to trial, even with cases which have no chance of leading to a conviction, for fear of criticism from rape crisis advocates.

2006-0502 - Rape Crisis needs to acknowledge serious problem of false allegations

Rape Crisis is calling for law changes that will make convictions easier to be obtained. The impetus appears to come from the Louise Nicholas case, in which she made rape allegations despite clear evidence presented that she had consensual sex. is concerned that Rape Crisis appears to have no concerns about the possibility of injustice occurring to innocent people who are falsely accused. Their one-eyed advocacy undermines any credibility they may have.

2006-0424 - Criticism of NZ Justice system needs to be listened to

Australian judge Rodney Madgwick has delivered a verdict that effectively says that those accused of historical sex abuse allegations in New Zealand are unable to get a fair trial. This judgment follows the recent petition associated with the Christchurch Creche case concerned with similar issues renews calls for a commission of inquiry to take place urgently. Sex abuse is a terrible crime, but countering such abuse is not advanced by locking up innocent men, or condoning a system that has been branded by Judge Madgwick as "unjust and oppressive"

2006-0405 - New Police Commissioner unable to restore public confidence in police

New Police Commissioner Howard Broad has started his job, hoping to restore public confidence in the police force reminds the public that Howard Broad is compromised by his own past, and in particular his involvement in the Peter Ellis case. Howard Broad has never apologised to any of the Christchurch Creche staff for his own actions in unnecessarily destroying their careers and reputations.

2006-0329 - Historical Sex Allegations - The Modern Colosseum

Another historical sex allegation is played out in the courts. reflects on this modern day gladiator fight. The process means that the verdict will always be a lottery. , The high chance that an injustice has been done belittles our justice system. Those affected by an injustice pay a terrible price. The rules associated with such cases need urgent reform

2006-0113 - Sex abuse hysteria obviously still a problem

A moral panic began about the possibility of bus drivers abusing their young passengers, prompting significant law changes banning anybody with a conviction for sex offences to be banned - ignoring drivers who have been driving for 30 years with no problems and ignoring some minor offences. says that sex abuse is a serious offence, but surely those guilty of historical consensual sex with a girl two days short of her 16th birthday, should not be treated as worse than murderers?

2006-0113 - Linda Clark resignation welcomed

The Radio NZ National programme host for the morning programme, Linda Clark has resigned. welcomes the resignation, and suggests the resignation was inevitable following Clark's involvement in the breach of Broadcasting standards, in which Radio New Zealand had to apologise to Peter Ellis.

2005-1129 - Aeroplanes and Irrational Fears

Air New Zealand's policy of banning unaccompanied children from sitting next to men has been exposed, and provoked considerable public debate. says the policy is another example of the irrational fears that have pervaded our society for the last couple of decades. The consequences of sex abuse hysteria are damaging our society.

2005-1124 - Ending Violence - Black and White Ribbons. endorses the introduction of Black Ribbon day that highlights previously neglected justice concerns. is an organisation committed to the end of violence in all it's forms, and in particular highlights the existing epidemic of false allegations of sexual abuse that should concern all New Zealanders

2003-1202 - offers to provide financial aid to the NZ Government

Chairman of the Justice Select Committee has announced that the NZ Government has "insufficient funds" to provide the Committee with the book "A City Possessed". The committee members are instead being provided a "brief summary" of the book while they consider the issues raised in the book.

In the interests of justice. offers financial assistance to the NZ Government, so that the Select Committee is able to carry out it's job effectively.