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May 2 2006

Rape Crisis needs to acknowledge serious problem of false allegations.
Media Release

An Australian judge recently delivered a verdict that effectively says that those accused of historical sex abuse allegations in New Zealand are unable to get a fair trial.   Now the Rape Crisis organisation seeks to make law changes to make it even harder for those falsely accused of rape to achieve justice.

Stopping rape is a commendable and worthy aim. Rape Crisis, however, need to urgently acknowledge the serious epidemic of false allegations of sexual crimes if they wish to maintain credibility, spokesperson Brian Robinson said today.   Rape Crisis spokespeople like Kim McGregor need to understand that not all rape complainants are victims of rape. Any law changes to assist victims of rape should equally consider that in many cases the real victim is the defendant on trial.

Rape Crisis' one-eyed view on justice has been exposed by their participation in the recent "We Support Louise Nicholas" march.  Nicholas has previously admitted making a false rape claim.  A recent trial involving Nicholas properly came to a "Not Guilty" verdict based on the clear evidence that what she claimed was "rape" was in reality consensual sex. does however welcome the belated support for the the recent petition associated with the Christchurch Creche case.  That petition requested a commission of inquiry, headed by an overseas judge, into the way sex abuse allegations are investigated and prosecuted in NZ.   McGregor of Rape Crisis is also of the view that a task force should be formed to review the process by which sexual crimes are tried.; "Seeking justice for Peter Ellis and other victims, both past and present, of the New Zealand sex abuse moral panic"