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January 13 2006

Sex abuse hysteria obviously still a problem
Media Release

The New Zealand sex abuse moral panic shows no sign of abating. An obvious sign of this was the reluctance of Parliamentarians to make a stand against a nonsensical new law that puts professional drivers out of work.

While murderers and violent offenders can appeal to retain their licences, no such discretion has been given to those who have committed offences that involve sex, even if the offences are minor and committed decades ago.

The sex abuse witchhunt will not end until our political leaders have the moral courage to say enough is enough. Sex abuse is a serious offence, but surely those guilty of historical consensual sex with a girl two days short of her 16th birthday, should not be treated as worse than murderers.

The law appears to have been brought in without any real evidence of a problem. The very least that can be done immediately is to offer the same right of appeal to those drivers guilty of sex offences as is provided to those guilty of violence.; "Seeking justice for Peter Ellis and other victims, both past and present, of the New Zealand sex abuse moral panic"