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The child sexual abuse witchhunt


This page last updated March 19 2005

Inquisition 21st century

Inquisition 21st century

The cases of New Zealander Graham Cleghorn; and Australians Clint Betterridge and Bart Lauwaert, are exposed by the Inquisition site as an injustice.

The three men are caught up in Cambodia in the middle of claims of sexual abuse; corrupt officials; paid witnesses; and western anti-child trafficking advocates

Religious Tolerance Org

Provides an overview of dozens of cases related to the Ellis case. (involving allegations of "Multi-victim-multi-offender" and/or ritual/satanic abuse)

Imaginary Crimes

Real Life Cases of People Sent to Prison for Crimes That Never Happened

Injustice Busters

Website co-founded by Richard Klassen, falsely accused and vindicated in Canadian Courts, Dec 31, 2003

False Memory Syndrome Foundation

British False Memory Society

Australian False Memory Association