The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

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Analysis of Interviews     New June 2007

In 1999, New Zealand Psychologist Barry Parsonson analysed videotapes of the interviews. His report was presented to the Appeal Court in July 1999. The judges failed to appreciate the significance of what Barry Parsonson presented. (Names as used in the book "A City Possessed")

Part A - Tess Hickory   In sum, the writer is of the opinion that, primarily because of the poor standard of interviewing with its extensive reliance at critical points on suggestion, prompts, props, and social influence, one should view the resulting allegations with considerable caution

Part B - Molly Sumach  [End conclusions missing]

Part C - Eli Laurel    The widespread use of suggestive or leading questions and social influence in these interviews, combined with this child's evident susceptibility to them, and his tendency to be prepared to speculate, must raise very serious doubts about the reliability of the allegations obtained under such conditions

Part D - Lara Palm  In sum, it is the writer's opinion that the problematic aspects of this series of interviews raises serious questions about the reliability of the allegations made by Lara Palm

Part E - Bart Dogwood    In sum, the writer would have to advise considerable caution in accepting at face value the various allegations made by Bart Dogwood, given the circumstances under which his evidence has been obtained and given

Part F - Kari Lacebark  [End conclusions missing]


Part G - Zelda Cypress  Most of the allegations made by Zelda emerged from direct and/or suggestive questioning. This may have occurred because of her demonstrable reticence, in all three interviews and because she asked the interviewer to question her in one (92/302). There was use of social influence to get her to report and body parts diagrams were used in two

Transcripts of Interviews

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There is no clearer evidence, than the transcripts published on these pages, which show the anatomy of a witch hunt. And how an innocent man was able to be convicted..