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The Toddler Testimonies
Creche kids talk to Forensic Interviewers

At the conclusion of the Eichelbaum Inquiry, the Chief Social Worker for Child Youth and Family, Shannon Pakura trumpeted that "The professionalism of Child, Youth and Family’s evidential interviewers in the Christchurch civic creche case has been strongly upheld by the Eichelbaum report." She went onto say "Child, Youth and Family interviewers, then and now, are always very aware of the need to gather evidence carefully so that the process is not unfair to an alleged offender"

2001-0313 - Child Youth and Family - Child, Youth And Family Interviewers Vindicated



Barry Colman, Whistle blower

That might have been the end of the matter. The actual evidence was secret, and Pakura could not be challenged. A couple of years later, however, publisher Barry Colman obtained leaked transcripts of some of the interviews. Outraged at the obvious injustice that the testimonies pointed to, Colman paid for a double page advertisement in the Sunday Star Times, publishing the leaked transcripts.  The advertisement asked whether Peter Ellis was a child molester or a witchhunt victim.

2003-0803 - Sunday Star Times - Ellis: Child Molester or witchhunt victim?

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Analysis of the Transcripts     New June 2007

In 1999, New Zealand Psychologist Barry Parsonson analysed the transcripts, including interviews that have never been released. His report was presented to the Appeal Court in July 1999.

His report has been confidential until now, but is provided here in the interests of both Peter Ellis and the public.

Until now the public have had to be content with the word of the court that the interviews were conducted fairly and professionally. The transcripts and their analysis now available allow readers to make up their own minds.

The opinion of this site is clear: The analysis clearly shows the evidence obtained against Peter Ellis was obtained with suggestive and leading questions, and social influence.

The Government should reopen the Eichelbaum inquiry with expert witnesses called who represent all points of view. Such a reopened inquiry would include experts in the field of child suggestibility, and not, as in the earlier inquiry, just carefully and deviously selected poodles of the prosecution. The evidence this time will not be able to be maintained as a secret.



This site says
There is no clearer evidence, than the transcripts published on these pages, which show the anatomy of a witch hunt. And how an innocent man was able to be convicted..