The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

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Transcripts of Interviews with child witnesses

Kari Lacebark aged 6,
6th interview recorded 29 Oct 1992

(Names as used in the book "A City Possessed" )

Q          Okay now, [K], I’ve just got a couple of questions I need to ask you…

A          One more question, just one.

Q          Oh, I better say the time now, It’s 20 past 1 now. Yesterday …

A          Mm.

Q          Um, you told me some things.

A          Mm.

Q          Can you come and sit over here for me? I haven’t got very many more questions because I know that you’re not keen.

A          How many?

Q          Just a couple.

A          How many?

Q          A couple means two or three.

A          How about just two?

Q          Come and sit here.

A          Please just two?

Q          Yes. Yesterday you, um, told me that someone else touched your vagina with a knife.

A          Yes.

Q          Do you remember who, who that was, who did, who did you tell me about yesterday?

A          I can’t remember.

Q          Right, you said it was a man.

A          Yep, Peter touched me with a knife too.

Q          Who was that? Which man touched you?

A          [Male name].

Q          [Male name]. What does [male name], what, is he a, what was he doing at the crèche?

A          I don’t know? Why do you want to ask me cos I don’t know.

Q          Right. Was, was he a crèche teacher or was he a kid or was he a, just a visitor or what, do you know?

A          [Indicates no.]

Q          So you don’t know what he was doing there.

A          Don’t know.

Q          Do you remember what colour his hair was?

A          Ahh, ahh.

Q          [Male name]’s hair.

A          Ahh, ahh. So you’ve asked me two questions.

Q          So [male name] touched, did that really happen with the knife?

A          Yep.

Q          And what about Gaye.

A          Yep. Have you got any water to wash my hands in?

Q          No.

A          I think you have.

Q          Um, afterwards I have.

A          I make squashy play dough on my hands.

Q          Mm.

A          How long?

Q          How many times did you, did you get touched with a knife down there?

A          Two. [Female name], I want to go home now. You’ve asked me two.

Q          Okay.

A          … two.

Q          All right.

A          I may be come back. I tell you about that much.

Q          Have you told me everything that you can remember?

A          Yep.