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Transcripts of Interviews with child witnesses

Kari Lacebark aged 5, 1st interview recorded 27 Feb 1992

(Names as used in the book "A City Possessed" )

A††††††††† I want to go.

Q††††††††† Yeah, just checking. Did any other parts of his body touch you?

A††††††††† No.

Q††††††††† Okay.

A††††††††† Look, she can suck it.

Q††††††††† Mm. And [female name], [female name] touched your fanny once.

A††††††††† Yeah. Can you ... now can I go?

Q††††††††† Yeah, nearly. Nearly finished. And have any, any big people ever done that to your fanny before or not?

A††††††††† No, only Peterís only.

Q††††††††† Pardon?

A††††††††† Peterís only ... What have you made there?

Q††††††††† When, when did Peter touch your fanny?

A††††††††† Donít know. No, he didnít, only touched me.

Q††††††††† He only touched you what?

A††††††††† Hereís a note.

Q††††††††† Could you get that? Thanks, [K].

A††††††††† Whatís it for?

Q††††††††† Itís probably for me. Hey, [K], he only touched you, what were you going to say? I asked you if he touched, if, ah, you said Peter touched your fanny and I said where and you said no, he didnít, he only touched you, what?

A††††††††† He touched me here [indicates groin area].

Q††††††††† What did he touch you there with?

A††††††††† I donít know.

Q††††††††† What, what?

A††††††††† His penis. I want to go.

Q††††††††† Yeah. I know, yeah.

A††††††††† Can I please go?

Q††††††††† Pretty soon. We just talk about that one. What did that make you feel like there on your body, when his penis?

A††††††††† It feeled the same.

Q††††††††† Yeah.

A††††††††† Are I ...

Q††††††††† Just a minute. We might be able to get the dolls to help us show that too. Come and sit down here.

A††††††††† I donít want to.

Q††††††††† Okay.

A††††††††† I want to go home.

Q††††††††† All right. If. Would you. Um, when his penis touched you there, were your clothes on or off?

A††††††††† On.

Q††††††††† They were on. What about his clothes?

A††††††††† They were on.

Q††††††††† They were on too?

A††††††††† Yeah, but not his trousers.

Q††††††††† How did his?

A††††††††† I want to go. How long have I been here now?

Q††††††††† No, not, youíve been here for. Itís not quite 12 oíclock.

A††††††††† What?

Q††††††††† Not quite 12 oíclock.

A††††††††† Two oíclock?

Q††††††††† Not quite 12 oíclock. Okay.

A††††††††† What, whatís that mean?

Q††††††††† Well, look, um, could we, ah, come back another day? Could you come back another day and tell me the other things if we have a break now?

A††††††††† Yeah.

Q††††††††† Could you come back another day and talk to me about that other stuff?

A††††††††† Yeah. I will.

Q††††††††† Would you? Yeah?

A††††††††† I would.

Q††††††††† Would you? Okay, all right, well I think weíll stop now and weíll come back another day. How many sleeps do you want to have before you come back? One sleep? And then come back. Come back tomorrow.

A††††††††† Yeah.

Q††††††††† How would that be?

A††††††††† Good.

Q††††††††† Shall we ask Mummy about that? Okay?

A††††††††† Um, can I take my...

Q††††††††† Itís six minutes to 12. What do you want? Missy Bear?

A††††††††† Yeah.

Q††††††††† And your dee. Okay.

A††††††††† I donít need to ..... do I.

Q††††††††† No. This is ..... special room.