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The published letter written by Lynley Hood expresses well the concerns of this site, and why these reports are featured here.

Allegations of abuse are serious, and should be treated seriously and professionally.

Those who have been abused deserve justice for what has occurred. Those who are accused deserve no less consideration.

Witchhunts harm the innocent, and unnecessarily discredit the valid claims of real victims. This site notes that Ian Fraser himself (the man who first raised the claims) cautioned against a witch hunt.

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The Dominion Post, October 9 2004
Letter to the Editor by Lynley Hood, Dunedin

I wrote A City Possessed; I know a witch hunt when I see one. Current allegations of abuse at Waiouru have all the ingredients of a classic witch hunt: vindictive witch hunters; sensationalising media; politicians who would rather lead a lynch mob than lead a nation.

Journalists should ask some hard questions. Of Ian Fraser: why complain now? Is he receiving trauma counselling? Has he suffered a recent personal and/or financial crisis?

Of the prime minister and defence minister: why have they abdicated their duty of care to the state employees involved? Why haven't they cautioned the public against rushing to judgment before the allegations have been properly investigated?

Why haven't they pointed out that the accused staff are entitled to natural justice? Why are they putting at risk the careers and reputations of so many able and loyal state employees who may be completely innocent?