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Why are these web pages included, and what relevance do they have to the Ellis case?  The allegations that have been made by the judge (that there is a 'sick' police culture) do not involve allegations of sexual abuse, and also do not involve potential false allegations. The controversy is more associated with debate over how widespread the proven abuse occurs.

(1) The allegations are part of a group of allegations associated with institutions, or groups of people, that have currently received increased publicity.

(2) The 'sick' police culture that Judge Davidson referred to was particularly associated with police brutality. This site suggests that the 'sick' culture is symptomatic of more than that - and in particular is evidence of a lack of professionalism.

The arrogance associated with police brutality of the public, suspects and prisoners, is equally serious when it is manifest in a "closed mindset" when it comes to police investigations. Investigations which are based on a prejudicial and arrogant "we know", leads to a confirmatory bias- and a significantly increased risk of injustice.

The NZ police have a poor track record for correcting their mistakes and apologising in a way that would engender public confidence in their work.

The Christchurch Crèche case is a good example of a botched police inquiry, where the police have a significant responsibility for the injustice that occurred.  The principal investigating detective, Colin Eade, appeared to be so close to the complainant parents that proper consideration of the defence case appeared completely absent. The public were to learn later that Detective Eade had "romance", with more than one complainant mother, more on his mind. Such a sexual conflict of interest - that this site suggests would have affected his objectivity - would lead to instant dismissal in other professions. The NZ police defend his investigation.

The NZ police have never done anything but strongly defend their investigation of the Ellis case. More than that they have been guilty of continuing to harass Ellis with accusations of a supposed "new case" - whenever there was favourable publicity for Ellis. A radio interview with the actual complainant ("Nathan") exposed that the police could have, and should have, quickly investigated and found that the 'new' allegation was provably completely false.

This site calls for a New Zealand police that will put aside brutality and arrogance, and return to an organisation that concentrates on professional and competent and objective investigations. 

This site challenges the New Zealand police to do whatever they can to "put right" the injustice done to Peter Ellis, for which they have, unfortunately, a significant responsibility.

Until they do, they are forever damned to the standard of investigation in the Ellis case that they have until now strongly defended -  Shoddy,  inept,  gullible,  arrogant, prejudicial,  incompetent and unprofessional.

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