False Allegations

New Zealand Cases (to Dec 2001)

False allegations primarily of sexual abuse, but also including other bizarre claims. A number of reports are of unproven cases, or cases where a convicted person still protests his innocence

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37-year-old - (Invercargill) Woman charged with making a false rape report to police. The Court was told that she is convinced forensic evidence will prove her claim is true. 
(Otago Daily Times; Aug 2, 2001)

Daughter - (Dunedin) Daughter,who had a history of psychological disturbance, made several allegations about being sexually molested by her father. She later admitted making false statements. The father, a former police officer, sued Social Welfare and a Social Worker for malicious prosecution.
(Otago Daily Times; Dec 13, 2000)

20-year-old - (Dunedin) who claimed she was assaulted and robbed in her Dunedin home earlier this year has been charged with making a false complaint. 
(Otago Daily Times; Nov 23, 2000)

10-year-old - (Christchurch) claimed she had been indecently touched on two separate occasions during music lessons at school. The resulting prosecution was stopped by the Judge after he declared that the evidence was contaminated. The allegation originated from an older friend who was "on a mission to get the accused"
(The Press; Nov 3, 2000),
(The Press; Nov 2, 2000)

21-year-old - (Invercargill) Woman told police she had been kidnapped and raped by four men, was trying to get her ex-boyfriend's attention. The solo parent, admitted making a false rape complaint to Invercargill police.
(Otago Daily Times; Nov 18, 2000)

30-year-old - (Wellington) pleaded guilty to making a false complaint to Wellington police. The man spent seven weeks in jail for a crime he did not commit.
(Otago Daily Times - Oct 26, 2000)

22-year-old - (Dunedin) Woman told police she had been drinking at the Valley Lodge Hotel, when she went outside with a man and got in his car to share a cigarette. She then claimed she was driven against her will to Ashburn Hall. The woman admitted she had made up the incident, after an argument with her boyfriend.
(Otago Daily Times; Jul 11, 2000)

15-year-old - (Dunedin) Girl claimed she was attacked and sexually assaulted while walking home about 1.30am. The girl, who was drunk, later admitted she made up the complaint.
(Otago Daily Times; Jul 11, 2000)

30-year-old - (Nelson) Woman admitted making a false statement to police, alleging two men broke into her Hampden St home and attacked her last month. The woman staged a break-in and injured herself to make it appear she had been attacked in a home invasion. She was convicted and ordered to pay $596.94. Her name has been suppressed.
(Nelson Mail; June 30, 2000)      new April 20, 2004

Woman - (Dunedin) Woman accused three men of rape, who were convicted. Later evidence produced that the accusations could be false. The woman made accusations about others, that video evidence showed were false. The woman has confessed that the accusations were false, but later retracted the confession.
(Herald; Mar 18, 2000)

44-year-old - (Mangere) Woman on trial accused of trying to blackmail a man with a false allegation of rape
(Herald; Feb 11, 2000)

35-year-old - (Alexandra) Woman, who alleged she had been sexually violated was arrested and charged with making a false statement to police. 
(Otago Daily Times; Feb 17, 1999)

16-year-old - (Wainuiomata) Girl was warned by police after lying about being attacked by three men. The investigation reached the stage where police were actively looking for suspects. "Police are concerned at the number of girls getting drunk and laying false complaints of sexual assault and rape" 
(Otago Daily Times; Oct 22 1998)

14-year-old - (Lower Hutt) Girl found drunk in Queen St, Lower Hutt, about 4.30pm alleged she had been dragged into a car by six men and raped. The girl was examined by a doctor but the complaint also turned out to be false.
(Otago Daily Times; Oct 22, 1998)

20-year-old - (Lower Hutt) Ripped off her own bra and scratched her breasts, chest and neck with a key before laying a false complaint of indecent assault. She pleaded guilty to perjury and having made a false declaration at the trial of the man she had accused of attacking her. The man she had accused had lost his job, been held in custody for 15 days and put to the expense of a trial.  The man later won a claim of $100,000 against the woman, although she had no money to pay.
(Otago Daily Times; Sep 2, 1998) 
(Dominion; Jun 30, 2000) 
(Herald; Jul 12, 2000)

Children - (Hamilton)..  The case of John Edgar   Schoolteacher acquitted after allegations from seven children, the oldest complainant aged 15. The allegations were bizarre, and police have been criticised for allowing the case to reach the courts.

18-year-old - (Dunedin) Told police he had been abducted, blindfolded, had his hands tied and was dumped at a beach. He was arrested and charged with making a false complaint
(Otago Daily Times; May 15, 1998)

25-year-old - (Dunedin)  Woman reported on 22 April that she had been grabbed by an attacker outside the door of her house. He had slashed her clothes off with a knife and tried to rape her. She had fought him off but suffered cuts to her face and hands.

On 11 May she reported to the police that she came home to find a note made of cut-out newspaper letters, threatening to come back and ‘do her properly’. It was reported in the paper on 13 May that the police were keeping guard outside her home all night to protect her.

The following day, the paper reported that the woman had now been charged with making a false complaint.
(Dominion; May 13, 1998)
(Dominion; May 14, 1998)
(COSA; Newsletter June 1998)

13-year-old - (Dunedin)  Boy admits making a false accusation of kidnapping and sexual violation.
(Sunday Star Times, April 12, 1998)

~40-year-old - (Christchurch)  Complainant described as both dishonest and violent, with convictions for raping an elderly woman in 1987 and others for assaulting women. Motivation described as revenge and of making good a threat in the 1970s to get the defendant.  The accused was found not guilty.
(The Press. April 7, 1998)

10-year-old - (Paraparaumu) Was told by an older brother that she would be in trouble at home for wandering away. She was afraid of the consequences, then fabricated a story that she had been grabbed by a man and shoved into the back of a car but that she had managed to escape.
(Otago Daily Times; Dec 17, 1997)

7-year-old - (Auckland)  The case of "Michael"
Son was was angry at his father, and thought it was unfair he was made to go to bed early. The father was convicted and imprisoned for 14 months. He was not told before the trial that the allegations had been withdrawn within 48 hours. The son was pressured by counsellors to say that he was abused.  He was released from prison when it became clear that the accusations were false. The man was eventually offered Government compensation..

25-year-old - (Paeroa)  The case of Allen Collier
The woman made an accusation
16 years before accused was charged. He was brought to trial, convicted for rape and jailed for five years. Six months after Collier was sentenced, he was freed on appeal. His wife and two friends gathered sufficient evidence to show he was innocent.
(Waikato Times; Feb 19, 1997)

Three teenagers - (Waikato) Three teenage girls got together to concoct stories about their stepfathers. One girl's stepfather approached a lawyer who discovered that her two schoolfriends had made identical allegations. The charges were all dropped, but not before the other two girls had claimed ACC.   
(Daily News; Feb 8, 1997)

13-year-old - (Whakatane)   The case of Allan Rust
Girl had a crush on a much older man known to the accused and had taken to telling fanciful stories about her relationship with him.  The accused confronted the girl, whom he knew well, about the stories, and told her they should stop. Angered by that, she told him she would get even. First, she laid a complaint against the man she had a crush on, claiming that he had had sex with her. A jury threw that charge out. Next, she claimed the accused had raped her. This wasn't the only malicious case the girl was involved in. She had been a key witness in charges brought by two other young girls against their father, claiming that he had sexually abused them. He, too, was found not guilty. .   
(Daily News; Feb 8, 1997)

20-year-old - (Wellington)  Man claimed he was raped. He later admitted he'd lied and, in fact, he'd punched a "poofter". He was sentenced to six months' supervision for making a false statement and ordered to reimburse police and medical-examination costs totalling $2855.  (Truth; Nov 15, 1996)

~ 20-year-old - (Hamilton)   The case of Nick Wills
Woman student falsely accused another student of rape and and threatening to kill. She confessed to police only days before the depositions she had made up the story. The accused had an alibi that wasn't checked out by the police, before he was charged and it took an investigation by his parents and a lawyer to prompt the police to re-open their inquiries. The family's investigation revealed the woman lived a life of fantasy - she had made up stories about her rich father who had a plane and a boyfriend who bought her a car. She also told friends the accused was a serial rapist. She was convicted of making a false statement and ordered to do 150 hours community service and pay $5000 reparation. His family had spent $20,000 clearing his name.

11-year-old - (Auckland)  The case of David Dougherty.
Wrongly convicted in 1993 on mistaken eye witness testimony (by 11 year old)  and botched DNA evidence. The accused was convicted and jailed. Found not guilty in a retrial and compensated by Government. The girl was later found to be one of the victims of a serial rapist, who was eventually convicted.

(Herald, Jul 13, 2001)