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1994-1112 - NZ Listener - Accused!
by Noel O'Hare - Abstract: Talks to victims of false memory syndrome, those who have been falsely accused of sexual abuse by their children. Looks at the devastating effect on families and queries the authenticity of repressed or recovered memories.

1988- - The credibility of ghildren's allegations of sexual abuse
(pdf file; 2083 KB)
Behavioral Sciences & the Law, Vol 6, No 2 pp181-199
by Kathleen M Quinn
Sexual abuse, the fastest growing type of abuse complaint, often raises issues concerning the credibility of individual allegations. This paper discusses historical, developmental, and societal factors affecting children's credibility and recommended assessment methods that maximise a child's capacity to relate his or her experience. Clinical factors leading to false allegations are discussed

1987-1200 - Social Work - False Sexual Abuse Allegations: Causes and Concerns
(pdf file, 205 KB)
Social Work, Nov/Dec87, Vol. 32 Issue 6, p540, 2p; (AN 5273139)
by Kathleen M Dillon
Because of the zeal to protect children from sexual abuse and because a number of generalizations have evolved about sexual abuse, society has paid less attention to the rights of those accused of sexual abuse. The result of an iatrogenic charge carries serious consequences for the falsely accused and their families.