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Opinion and Comment - 2000

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2000-0630 - Nelson Mail - Compassion urged after false complaint
Ms Jordan said unresolved issues of past abuse or trauma were a reason a woman might lay a false complaint with police. "Any trauma that is unresolved can be recreated by the victim until she gets the intervention that is required, until the issues are dealt with,'' she said. But the stereotype of a scorned woman making a false complaint to seek revenge was unusual and would be uncovered in a thorough police investigation, she said. She said it was "virtually impossible'' to know how many false complaints of rape were made to police each year, because no records were kept.

Surveys on the issue had suggested 50-80 percent of all rape complaints were false, but this also depended on how complaints were categorised and the opinion of individual police officers.

Last year police recorded 423 false complaints. Sixteen of those were in Nelson and 15 were resolved by police.