Allegations of Sexual Abuse

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Opinion and Comment - 1998


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1998-1030 - North Harbour News - False rape complaints
New Feb 16 2005
by Quentin Reade - Four out of every five rape complaints made on the Hibiscus Coast are false police say.    Detective Sheryl Birrell says Orewa police have dealt with 11 [eleven] rape complaints in the last year.   Only two were proved.   Ms Birrell says false allegations waste a lot of police time. She says Orewa police are so sick of fake rape calls they are taking complainants to court and charging the complainants with making false statements.   Ms Birrell says the courts are not tough enough

1998-0600 - COSA Newsletter - Falsely accused teachers
by Felicity Goodyear-Smith - While certainly some teachers do sexually molest children, it is all too easy for pupils to make wrongful allegations and be uncritically believed. Pointing the finger at a teacher gives students incredible power if they are angry with him (or her) and want revenge for being disciplined or sighted in some way.