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False allegations primarily of sexual abuse, but also including other bizarre claims. A number of reports are of unproven cases, or cases where a convicted person still protests his innocence

This page last updated June 15 2007

12-year-old girl - April - Hastings
Rape Reported
A 12 year old girl claimed she had been raped in the grounds of Ebbett Park Primary School, after attending a "krumping dance" The police "have a good description" of the offender. They are looking for a Maori, possibly in his teens, with shaggy hair and a pony tail. The girl has minor injuries. Police are checking council surveillance camera tapes.

2007-0415 - Newswire - 12-year-old Raped in School Grounds

2007-0415 - Radio NZ - Rapist could have been at same event as victim

2007-0415 - Newstalk ZB - Hastings attack

2007-0416 - Radio NZ - Police have good description of rapist

2007-0416 - Three News - Police investigate alleged rape of 12-year-old

Followup and Investigation

Two men who were waiting for a taxi later found the distressed girl wandering at 2.15am, and called police. The girl's parents thought the girl was at a relatives house, and had been taught about "keeping safe". Police will look at footage from surveillance cameras to see if she were followed, and are also appealing to the public for help.

2007-0416 - Dominion Post - Girl raped as parents thought her safe

2007-0416 - Radio NZ - Camera footage focus of rape investigation

2007-0416 - NZ Herald - Girl, 12, raped in school grounds

2007-0416 - One News - Police trawl video for rape leads

Little help from video
Closed-circuit television has provided no clues in identifying the rapist. Police have been speaking to witnesses at the "krumping" event..They say they have a good description of the rapist. Asked if police thought the rape complaint was genuine, Detective Sergeant Mike Foster said: "We're still trying to work through that as well. At this stage, we're certainly treating it as genuine."

2007-0417 - Dominion Post - Security footage little help in identifying girl's attacker

2007-0417 - Radio NZ - Police have good description of rapist

2007-0417 - One News - Police trawl video for rape leads

2007-0418 - NZ Herald - Girl thought to be with relatives

Hopes pinned on DNA analysis
Police say they are likely to need a DNA match to catch the man who raped a 12-year-old girl. There was "little fresh for police to go on." Police were waiting for forensic evidence results from ESR

2007-0424 - Stuff - Hopes pinned on DNA to catch 12-year-old's rapist

2007-0424 - Radio NZ - Police in Hastings will have to wait several weeks for DNA results

Complaint established as false
The police say the 12 year old girl made a false complaint. The girl had sexual intercourse with a 16-year-old. Both will be referred to youth aid.

2007-0614 - Radio NZ - Hastings police establish 12 yr old rape complaint false

2007-0614 - Newstalk ZB - Police say 12yo's rape complaint is false

Pre-teen and Mother - April - Waikato
A mother formed a relationship with a man who fathered a child with her and her pre-teen daughter. To protect the man, the child and mother initially made a false claim of rape of the daughter by a stranger. The man was eventually charged with rape of the pre-teen girl.

2007-0405 - Waikato Times - Paedophile on rape charge after fathering child

18-year-old-man - February - Masterton
He admitted to police that he made up the story of assault, saying he devised the plan out of anger because his victim had got away with something for which he had been blamed
2007-0209 - Dominion Post - Teen's false complaint backfires

31-year-old-woman - February - Christchurch
The complaint had been checked and found to be false within about an hour of her making it at the Papanui police station, and the man said to be involved had not been interviewed or accused by the police. The woman was convicted.
2007-0202 - The Press - Woman who cried rape escapes penalty

A later letter to the Editor expresses pleasure in seeing the case published, and that the conviction sends a clear message to those who may make complaints. or professionals who protect them.
2007-0207 - The Press - Claims that damage