Allegations of Sexual Abuse

False Allegations - Index

News Reports - NZ Cases 2004
False allegations primarily of sexual abuse, but also including other bizarre claims. A number of reports are of unproven cases, or cases where a convicted person still protests his innocence

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38-year-old woman – December - Gisborne
A woman was ordered to pay $500 to police who wasted time investigating false complaints she made about her ex-husband, Gisborne District Court heard
2004-1230 - Gisborne Herald - False complaint wasted time

Woman – December - Christchurch    
Woman cried wolf, and found herself in the Christchurch District Court after making one false complaint too many to police. The court had to do what it could to stop false complaints, Judge David Holderness told her
2004-1222 - The Press - Woman 'cried wolf'

21-year-old woman – November - Christchurch    
Woman admitted bombarding police with false complaints of being raped. She had already made repeated complaints leading to a trespass order forbidding her from going into the Christchurch central police station.  The prosecutor told the court that she was “infatuated with the police”.
2004-1115 - The Press - Woman admits barrage of false complaints to police
2004-1112 - The Press - Infatuation with police led to woman crying rape

55-year-old woman – October - Rotorua    
A Rotorua woman lied to police about being raped and kidnapped by her partner to get revenge on him for seriously assaulting her. The 55-year-old, who has interim name suppression, pleaded guilty to a charge of fabricating evidence
2004-1029 - NZ Herald - Woman cries rape for revenge on abuse
2004-1028 - Stuff - Woman 'cried rape' to get revenge on partner, Court told

Teenage girl – October - Christchurch    
Police have charged a teenage girl with making a false complaint, after she claimed she was sexually assaulted in a Christchurch park
2004-1025 - Newstalk ZB - False assault charge for teenager

20-year-old woman – October - Bulls    
Feilding police now believe there was no truth to a rape complaint laid by a 20-year-old Bulls woman last week. She claimed she was hitchhiking just south of Wanganui on October 12 when a man picked her up, refused to drop her off in Bulls, took her to Levin and raped her before dropping her off in the town centre. Detective Sergeant Kevin Anstis said the woman was yesterday arrested for making a false rape complaint
2004-1023 - Manawatu Standard - Woman charged with making false complaint
2004-1023 - Dominion Post - False rape claim

Two 11-year-old girls – July – Christchurch      
Claims by two 11-year-old Christchurch girls that they were abducted on Thursday and driven around for an hour are now believed to be false, police say
2004-0731 - The Press - Girls' abduction claim false, say police

13-year-old girl– July – New Plymouth    
A 13-year-old girl had been referred to Youth Aid after making a false allegation of sexual assault, Detective Sergeant Greg Gray said yesterday. The teenager said she had been attacked under New Plymouth's Te Henui bridge at Northgate
2004-0728 - Daily News - Girl makes false sex claim
2004-0724 - Daily News - Police probe sex attack

17-year-old man – July – Nelson     
Nelson police say allegations that a young man was kidnapped and assaulted in the city last weekend are false………the youth had a “number of issues'' and would not be charged with laying a false complaint
2004-0714 - Nelson Mail - Kidnapping story was false

43-year-old woman – July – Waikato     
A Waikato woman was remanded on bail yesterday when she appeared in the Hamilton District Court on two charges of making false sex allegations…The woman, 43, has been charged with making false claims of rape and sexual violation in April.
2004-0710 - The Press - False-claim case
2004-0710 - Dominion Post - False claims alleged
2004-0709 - Stuff - Woman charged over false sex allegations
2004-0709 - NZ Herald - Woman charged over alleged false sex claims

68-year-old man – July – Timaru     
A South Canterbury man has been charged with making a false complaint in relation to an alleged home invasion last month
2004-0701 - Timaru Herald - Charged with false complaint

20-year-old man – July – Hastings     
A need to "disappear from circulation" because of gambling and work problems caused a Hastings man to fake his own kidnapping, a court has been told
2004-0701 - Stuff - Man who faked kidnap to pay $3000 reparations

15-year-old girl – April – Motueka     
Motueka police have made no arrests and are no longer seeking anyone in relation to an alleged rape in the town. But Detective John Nicholls said police were not treating the case as a false complaint at this stage
2004-0430 - Nelson Mail - Rape inquiry scaled down

59-year-old man guilty – June –Nelson.
Man convicted of indecent assault of his two daughters 20-30 years ago. Man continues to protest innocence, and supported by his wife and stepdaughter.
2004-0619 - Nelson Mail - Man given five years' jail for indecent assault

17-year-old woman – May – Christchurch
Woman laid a complaint saying she was sexually assaulted while fetching a rugby ball from bushes in the school grounds on Saturday May 8. However Detective Sergeant William McIvor says after extensive enquiries they believe it was a false complaint and the matter has been referred to legal services. He says staff will assess whether charges will be laid against the woman.
2004-0521 - Newstalk ZB - Rape complaint false

12-year-old girl – March – Ohai
A jury in the Invercargill District Court last night found a 34-year-old man had not indecently assaulted or sexually violated a girl at his home.
2004-0318 - Southland Times - Jury finds man not guilty of sexual violation of young girl
2004-0316 - Southland Times - Girl sex abuse claims denied

Louise Nicholas – March – Rotorua
Fresh revelations about the background of Louise Nicholas's pack- rape allegations against the police (refer Rickards/Nicholas Police Investigations) show she has previously admitted making up a rape complaint. Under cross-examination in a trial in 1994, Nicholas admitted telling a teacher that she had been raped by a group of Maori youths out riding their horses. "I don't know why I had said that. Obviously I did but I have never been raped by any Maori on horseback."
2004-0304 - The Press - Judge lambasted detective     

21-year-old woman – March – Dunedin
Student told police she was raped when she stopped to adjust her shoe while walking through the university early last Friday.  Police will now not take the matter further, after the woman decided she did not want to proceed with the case. The police say they had no evidence to suggest the woman had made a false complaint. She had simply decided she did not want to take the matter further, after being informed of what would be involved.
2004-0304 - Stuff - Woman not proceeding with rape complaint
2004-0228 - Otago Daily Times - Student's claim of rape investigated

Conviction quashed – March – Dunedin
A Dunedin doctor's convictions for indecently assaulting two female patients have been quashed by the Court of Appeal and a new trial ordered. Jean Dominique Peyroux (66) was convicted last year of indecently assaulting a 34-year-old patient and another, aged 82, in his Roslyn consulting rooms.
2004-0303 - Otago Daily Times - Doctor has convictions quashed

32-year-old woman – March – Cambridge
A 32-year-old Cambridge woman, who claimed she fought off a man who tried to rape her at knifepoint last month, has been charged with making a false rape complaint
2004-0304 - NZ Herald - Woman charged with making false rape claim

23-year-old woman -  February – Christchurch
Sentenced to 100 hours community work after admitting making a false allegation of rape. A young woman who made a false allegation of rape appeared to be living a life of fantasy, a court was told.  Judge commented "You, overall, appear to be leading a life of fantasy…..It is attention-seeking behaviour which on this occasion led to serious repercussions."
2004-0205 - The Press - False rape allegation 'attention seeking'

Woman – February – Hutt City
Camera catches out false rape complaint! A woman claimed she'd been sitting in a bus shelter when a man dragged her away and attacked her. When presented with the camera proof that she was not there when she said she was, the woman admitted she had made the story up to get attention.
2004-0203 - Hutt News - Camera catches out false rape complaint

14-year-old girl – January – Palmerston North
Jury Undecided. 14 year old made allegations against stepfather aged 34. Jury could not reach agreement.
2004-0130 - Evening Standard - Jury fails to reach verdict on sex charges

23-year-old woman – January – Christchurch
Woman who made a 13-page written statement to police claiming she had been raped has admitted the statement was made up.
2004-0120 - The Press - Woman admits making false rape statement

17-year-old woman – January – Palmerston North
Woman arrested after admitting making a false complaint of rape on Sunday. The police spent a day and a half investigating the complaint.
2004-0113 – Evening Standard - Woman made false claim
2004-0113 – Dominion Post - False rape complaints cost millions

39-year-old man – January – Christchurch
A man who lied about being repeatedly molested by priests at a St John of God school in the 1970s has been told he has made life more difficult for genuine victims.
2004-0113 – The Press - Man guilty of false claim against priests
2004-0113 - NZ Herald - False complaints rapped
2004-0113 - Newstalk ZB - Sentencing after false sex abuse complaints