Allegations of Sexual Abuse

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News Reports – NZ Cases 2002
False allegations primarily of sexual abuse, but also including other bizarre claims. A number of reports are of unproven cases, or cases where a convicted person still protests his innocence

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13-year-old girl – October – Auckland
Police were reportedly furious that a 13-year old girl lied, she told them, about her being pack raped at Otahuhu. She had misled police, telling them three men had dragged her over a fence and down a bank near the Otahuhu recreation centre as she walked home from college
2002-1025 - NZ Herald - Girl says she made up rape story

41-year-old woman – August – Wellington
Woman charged with two counts of making false complaints of indecent assault and sexual violation. The woman has pleaded not guilty. She has been charged with making a false written statement to police on February 28 this year alleging she was indecently assaulted by a male colleague, and another of making a false statement alleging sexual violation by another male colleague on March 13.
2002-0918 - Dominion Post - Suppression stays
2002-0817 - Dominion Post - Woman accused of false complaints remanded
2002-0816 - Dominion Post - False sexual assault claims

18-year-old – August – Cambridge
Woman will be charged with making a false complaint after telling police she was sexually assaulted at a park.
2002-0831 - Waikato Times - Woman faces charge of laying false complaint

17, 19-year-old women – August – Wainuiomata
Two women called Upper Hutt police claiming they had been abducted and sexually violated so they could get a ride home. They both pleaded guilty to charges of falsely claiming they were detained for sex. Both were sentenced to 80 hours of community service.
2002-0829 - Dominion Post - Women lied for ride home with police
2002-0817 - Dominion Post - Woman accused of false complaints remanded

17-year-old woman – June – Upper Hutt
Woman charged with making a false complaint after she told police a man had forced his way into her home and raped her.
2002-0618 - Dominion - Complaint 'bogus'

23-year-old woman – May – Wellington
Woman accused 25-year-old man of underage sex ten years previously. The man was found not guilty.
2002-0622 - Dominion - It started with a kiss
2002-0531 - Dominion - Jury takes 35 min to clear league star of sex charges

Woman – May – Elsdon
Woman has been charged with making a false complaint after earlier claims that she was attacked inside her front door 
2002-0523 - Evening Post - Complaint false - police

23-year-old woman – April – New Plymouth
Police initially were looking for two offenders in their early twenties. The rape “victim” said she had been raped in a park at 4am. The police next stated that they were
not treating the incident as rape.
2002-0501 - Daily News - Incident not treated as rape
2002-0430 - Daily News - Police seeking leads in rape case

16-year-old girl – April – Wellington
Girl reported gang rape in a Wellington alley. Police say the rape did not happen. They will not charge the girl. Police said she made the report after a "traumatic personal event".
2002-0420 - Dominion - No ‘rape’ charge
2002-0419 - Evening Post - Teen wasn't pack-raped, say police
2002-0419 - NZ Herald - Reported pack rape of 16-year-old was a false complaint

25-year-old woman – April – Christchurch
Woman made a false complaint to police in order to get back at her partner, the Christchurch District Court was told. She made a written statement she had been assaulted by her de facto partner. The man was arrested soon after and charged with assault. The matter was set down for a defended hearing, but the woman failed to turn up at court, and later admitted she had made up the complaint in order to get back at the man. She was fined $250.00. 
2002-0403 - The Press - Woman fined over false complaint

9-year-old girl – March – Rural
Girl claimed that her stepfather molested her.  The man pleaded guilty as he said he had to rely on what the girl said because he was drunk and had no memory of any incident - he had been drinking heavily after a close friend died.  He served about five months of the sentence in 1993.

The girl retracted the allegation to foster parents before the man appeared in court - but although the couple passed on that information to the Children and Young Persons' Service (CYPS), the defence was never told. CYPS also knew that in subsequent years, the girl made and withdrew allegations about four other men

Five years later, aged 14, she made two more claims about her stepfather and he was again charged with sexually abusing her. The accused then hired a private investigator whose report prompted police to review the case. The girl admitted she made up the story to get her mother's attention 
2002-0324 - Sunday Star Times - Sex case ends in payout bid

36-year-old woman – February – Invercargill
Woman convicted of making a false complaint of rape in June 19 last year. She was given name suppression because of her history of post traumatic stress disorder, for which she was still receiving treatment, and that she had since left Invercargill.  The woman staged a break-in of her house, injured herself and made a false allegation of rape to police
2002-0330 - Southland Times - False rape inquiry cost about $100,000
2002-0228 - Southland Times - Woman staged break-in, faked rape, judge decides
2002-0223 - Southland Times - Officer questioned over false complaint decision

10-year-old girl – March – Upper Hutt
Police are no longer seeking a man in connection with the abduction of a 10-year-old girl from an Upper Hutt street. Police established the complaint was not genuine and were considering referring the girl to youth aid.
2002-0330 - Dominion - False complaint

18-year-old woman – March – Lower Hutt
Woman due to appear in Lower Hutt District Court today charged with laying a false complaint of rape.  She had earlier reported to police that she had been raped by two men in Taita
police and other agencies . . . have been wasted." 
2002-0328 - Evening Post - False rape claim charge

18-year-old woman – March – Wellington
Woman pleaded guilty to making a false complaint. The woman told her employer in May last year that she had been held down by one man and raped by another. Livingstone had eventually admitted the complaint was false. The only explanation she had given was that she was drunk. She also said she had a drug addiction. She was sentenced to 100 hours community service. 
2002-0321 - Evening Post - Dancer sentenced for rape claim
2002-0321 - Dominion - False rape complaint cost $30,000, say police
2002-0321 - Dominion - Community service for false complaint

10-year-old girl – March – Timaru
Girl has been referred to Youth Aid after making a false sexual assault complaint. Timaru detective said if the girl had been over the age of 14, police would have looked at charging her for making the false complaint.
2002-0313 - Timaru Herald - Girl, 10, made false complaint

19-year-old woman – January – Tauranga
Midway through a defended hearing, woman changed her plea to guilty on charges of making a false statement to police of an offence and using a document to make a false ACC claim. She had told police she thought she had been drugged and raped after a night out last April 
2002-0116 - NZ Herald - Woman admits drug-rape claim invented

Woman – January – Wellington
Charged with making a false complaint after she claimed she was sexually assaulted in Lukes Lane, central Wellington.
2002-0116 - Dominion - False witness

Woman – January – Tauranga
Lied to police that she had been raped and then made a false ACC claim. Under new law changes, people who claim to have been sexually abused can receive ACC payouts without having to complain to police.
2002-0116 - Dominion - False witness

44-year-old woman – January – Nelson
Woman told police she had been assaulted and had money stolen. Six days later, she admitted she had made up the allegations. 
2002-0115 - Nelson Mail - PD for wasting police time

16-year-old girl – January – Porirua
Girl complained to police that after taking her two younger brothers to the playground at Ascot Park she had been blindfolded by three men, taken away in a car and sexually violated before being dumped back at the park. Porirua police say the reported abduction and sexual assault never took place. Police were considering charging her.
2002-0114 - Evening Post - Complaint false - cops
2002-0115 - NZ Herald - Police may charge girl over sex attack claim
2002-0115 - Otago Daily Times - Rape complaint by girl false
2002-0116 - NZ Herald - False rape complaints irk police
2002-0116 - Evening Post - Brash warns on publicity