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This page last updated Dec 8 2008


Possible miscarriages of justice

This site does not claim that these men are all  innocent, but does have significant concerns about general or specific aspects of their convictions

David Somerfield
October 9 2008

Roger Moloney
June 25 2008

Peter Stewart
Dec 7 2007


Neville Collins
July 26 2007

Hiran Fernando
Oct 12 2006

Shipton, Schollum, McNamara
July 5 2005

Graham Cleghorn
Feb 17 2004
New Zealander in Cambodia

(Or completed cases not yet documented)

2008 - South Island Police Officer
Not Guilty, now facing employment related

2007-2008 - Feilding School Principal -
Tihirau Shepherd
Allegations from three complainants relating to alleged incidents in 1990 and 2007.  Shepherd says that he is “innocent of all wrong doing”.

2007 - Waikato ex police officer      
40 year old woman makes historical allegations of child abuse against her uncle.
Trial July 2007 - No verdict; Retrial ordered

2007 - Manawatu Teacher
A female teacher aid has been suspended after allegedly supplying alcohol and making sexual comments. The School Board is investigating

2006 - Prominent Northland man   
Retrial ordered


This site generally endorses the verdicts of the courts, and also considers that a number of these men should never have been charged.

Mark Tulloch
March 25 2009
Accused a victim of a serial false accuser
Case dismissed by Judge

Michael Crockett
November 21 2008
The danger of being a sports star
Case dismissed before trial

Isaac Boss
November 6 2008
The danger of being a sports star
Case dismissed before trial

Paul Conner
October 30 2008
The danger of teaching

English rugby players
July 10 2008
Trial by media; Exonerated by judge

George Gwaze
May 21 2008
Lawyer calls for inquiry into police investigation; Racism involved?

Aaron Farmer
April 26 2008
Wrongly Imprisoned, exonerated

                        Richard Calder
March 10 2008
                        The danger of teaching

Tea Ropati
Jan 31 2008
psychotherapy assisted memories
Lawyer angry that case went to court

Russell Thompson
Nov 30 2007
The danger of teaching

Rickards, Shipton, Schollum vs “Jane Doe”
Mar 1 2007
She “didn’t notice” the plaster cast

Tim Ogle vs Judith Garrett
Nov 8 2006
The NZ police witchhunt
Lawyer angry that case went to court

Rickards, Shipton, Schollum
 vs  Louise Nicholas
Mar 31 2006
admitted previous false accusation

Kelvin Powell
Aug 10 2005
The NZ police witchhunt

Michael Neville
Dec 2 2004
The danger of teaching

Judge Tony Christiansen
Aug 9 2004
Not charged;
This site withholds judgment

                        Wellington Teacher
                        The danger of teaching
                        Case thrown out by judge

                        Dr John Edgar
                        The danger of teaching

                        Nick WIlls
                        The danger of teaching

                        A father “Michael”
1995 , Falsely accused, convicted;                         police withhold evidence, compensated
                        $570,000 in 2000