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June 2005 - Claims that re-opening case manipulating inquiry.
Judith Garret, whose rape claim against several police officers helped spark the commission, believes police reopened her case before the inquiry began to stop it hearing how her initial claim was handled. Garrett and another complainant Louise Nicholas say the criminal investigations won't look at the way their cases were handled.

2005-0601 - One News - Police reject manipulating inquiry
2005-0601 - Dominion Post - Women fight for conduct hearing
2005-0602 - NZ Herald - Police accusers lose faith in closed commission

Mar 2005 - Inquiry seeking way of not contaminating criminal proceedings
The commission of inquiry into police conduct has scheduled a special hearing to try to find a way of proceeding without contaminating criminal proceedings. Commissioner Bruce Robertson urged lawyers for all interested parties to come up with ideas "in hard, cold, practical terms" on how the commission could continue its brief while criminal processes were under way

2005-0326 - Dominion Post - Police inquiry seeks safe way forward

Mar 2005 - Depositions - Former police officer committed for trial
Timothy Ogle was granted bail and case sent to trial. He faces four charges of rape, one charge of unlawful sexual connection, two charges of attempted unlawful sexual connection and one of assaulting a woman inside Kaitaia police station.

Complainant said that she was tricked to get out of car, and handcuffs put on her, then raped her inside the police station. She reported it to the police, and he didn't take any statement or notes. Her partner at the time said the complainant was distressed and crying.

2005-0307 - Newstalk ZB - Former cop Timothy Ogle to stand trial
2005-0307 - Newstalk ZB - Former cop to stand trial
2005-0307 - NZ Herald - Former police officer to stand trial for rape
2005-0307 - One News - Former officer to face rape charge

2005-0308 - NZ Herald - Ex-police officer faces rape trial
2005-0308 - Dominion Post - Woman tells court of 1988 sex assault at station.
2005-0308 - Waikato Times - Ex-cop faces rape trial

Feb 2005 - Commission of Inquiry on hold until completion criminal cases
The commission of inquiry into police conduct sparked by the rape allegations of two women will stay on hold until police investigations of the cases have finished. The commission issued a statement today that said it would remain adjourned until all claims by Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas and Kaitaia woman Judith Garrett were investigated and "issues are totally in the hands of the prosecuting authorities"

2005-0207 - Stuff - Police commission of inquiry remains adjourned
2005-0208 - Daily News - More time sought for probe into rape claims
2005-0208 - Dominion Post - Police conduct inquiry extended

Jan 2005 - Commission of Inquiry dependent on outcome of police criminal investigations
A commission of inquiry into police conduct, announced by Prime Minister Helen Clark four days after Mrs Nicholas' and, subsequently, Kaitaia woman Judith Garrett's allegations of police rape, now depends on the outcome of the police investigation. The commission was put on hold indefinitely in August and will not proceed till criminal investigations and any subsequent court action are completed, because of fears it could contaminate the criminal process

2005-0115 - Dominion Post - Decision close on police rape claims

August 2004 - Former police officer arrested
A former police officer, who was arrested on eight rape and sex offence charges. The man, whose details are suppressed, appeared in Whangarei District Court this month and was bailed till October

Aug/October 2004 - Inquiry Delays then put on hold
Inquiry is eventually put on hold until at least Feb 2005, to prevent risk that police investigations into rape claims, including that of Judith Garrett could be contaminated by the commission proceeding. An investigation must first decide whether past and present officers should face criminal charges.

2004-0813 - One News - Police processes on trial
2004-0814 - Dominion Post - Police rape inquiry divided over publicity
2004-0828 - Dominion Post - Police rape inquiry on hold
2004-1023 - NZPA - Police rape inquiry goes on hold

May/June 2004 - Delays in hearing evidence for inquiry
Date for hearing evidence for Commission of Inquiry is delayed; Criminal investigations into the alleged sexual assault of Judith Garrett is progressing.

2004-0524 - NZ Herald - MoreDelays.htm
2004-0524 - Dominion Post - TheMainPlayers.htm
2004-0614 - Dominion Post - Hearing date due for police rape case 

May 2004 - Historical rape case investigation of Judith Garrett's claims re-opened
Police have reopened the other historical rape case specifically cited for attention by the Commission of Inquiry.  They are reinvestigating Kaitaia woman Judith Garrett's allegation she was raped by a local police officer in 1988. Charges were never laid against Constable Timothy Ogle, after Ms Garrett complained he lured her into the Kaitaia police station one night and raped her. He was discharged from the police, but no further action was taken. Ms Garrett alleges a cover-up. She unsuccessfully went to the Appeal Court several years later, even though the judge stated he believed a rape had occurred

2004-0514 - Newstalk ZB - Historical alleged police rape case reopened
2004-0516 - WYSIWYG - Historical alleged police rape case reopened

March/April 2004 - Legislation to allow Inquiry to see files covered by secrecy laws.
March 31: - Parliament is calling for submissions on proposed legislation to allow a commission of inquiry, sparked by allegations of police pack rape, to see files covered by secrecy provisions in the law. The Commission of inquiry includes the allegations by Judith Garrett;
April 21: - The Police Association says the bill goes too far.
May 13: - Legislation passed unanimously

2004-0331 - Otago Daily Times - Commission to view files
2004-0401 - Otago Daily Times - Submissions call on inquiry Bill
2004-0421 - NZ Herald - Special bill for police rape claims said to go too far
2004-0513 - Stuff - MPs united to restore confidence in police

March 2004 - Inquiry hampered by secrecy laws and possible prosecution of witnesses
At the commission's first public meeting in Wellington today, John Upton QC representing the PCA, said his client wished to cooperate as fully as it could but legal difficulties were likely. "We do have this legislative blanket," he said. "I'm sorry to be so negative early in these proceedings, but it's a reality we need to recognise."

The second issue that could affect the commission's timetable was the fact inquiries were under way into whether some present and former members of the police could or should be prosecuted, Justice Robertson said.

2004-0322 - Stuff - Secrecy laws may hamper commission
2004-0322 - NZ Herald - Secrecy law could hamper inquiry into police conduct
2004-0323 - NZ Herald - Police-rape inquiry faces legal gag

March 2004 - Inquiry advertised
Commission of inquiry, including claims by Judith Garrett advertised.

2004-0306 - Stuff - Police commission of inquiry advertised this weekend

Feb 2004 - Prime Minister announces terms of reference for Inquiry
Commissioners Justice Bruce Robertson and Dame Margaret Bazley will inquire into police conduct, standards and procedures when receiving and investigating allegations of sexual assault and abuse made against the police. They will also investigate police standards and codes relating to police personal behaviour, including sexual conduct. Judith Garrett says she's glad her complaint over her 1988 alleged rape by a police officer will be included. She says an investigation into police conduct is long overdue.

2004-0220 - NZ Government - Commission of inquiry terms of reference announced
2004-0220 - One News - Police rape inquiry terms
2004-0221 - Dominion Post - Rape claims: fourth officer revealed

Feb 2004 - Prime Minister urges people to come forward with information for Inquiry.
Dame Margaret Bazley and High Court judge, Bruce Robertson will conduct Commission of Inquiry into police rape allegations. The Prime Minister urges people who believed they had information that might point to a "systemic" problem within police to come forward as soon as possible. Judith Garrett says she is ready to tell her story.

2004-0217 - Newstalk ZB - Govt promises thorough inquiry
2004-0217 - Dominion Post - Sex claims about police to be aired in public
2004-0217 - NZ Herald - PM urges people to speak up in police inquiry
2004-0217 - The Press - Robertson and Bazley head police cover-up inquiry
2004-0218 - Stuff - Woman allegedly raped by police ready to talk to commission

Feb 2004 - Commission of Inquiry into handling of allegations of rape by police
Helen Clark announced the powerful commission of inquiry after claims Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas was pack-raped by three police officers at a Rotorua police house in 1986 when she was 18. Other "relevant" cases will form part of the commission of inquiry into the handling of police pack-rape allegations, says Prime Minister Helen Clark.

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Probe will include similar cases
2004-0207 - NZ Herald - Quiet lives with dark secrets
2004-0210 - Northland Age - Home again - with mixed emotions

Feb 2004 - Political involvement
The Prime Minister commented on the allegations of Judith Garrett, saying that they were the "final straw" when she considered the Government's response to Mrs Nicholas' claims. "Believe me, what was sent to me... my hair stood on end," she said.  Miss Clark said the two cases raised questions about the culture within the police and the conduct of individual officers and whether the course of justice had been perverted. "Ms Garrett's case has been referred to the Crown Law Office to take into consideration as it draws up the terms of reference for the commission of inquiry"  Ms Garrett said Miss Clark's decision was "really gratifying"

2004-0205 - Stuff - More rape claims against police officers emerge
2004-0205 - Otago Daily Times - Police rape inquiry to consider second case Kaitaia woman comes forward
2004-0205 - Dominion Post - Another rape claim 'the final straw' - PM
2004-0206 - Stuff - Alleged police rape victim happy to be back in paradise

Feb 2004 - Allegations made by Judith Garrett
Allegations by Judith Garrett were sent to the Prime Minister, as an example of "another" case of rape perpetrated by the police. The allegations were made a few days after Louise Nicholas made allegations of rape against prominent police, which generated enormous publicity. Garrett called for police to re-open a criminal investigation into her complaint that a Kaitaia constable handcuffed and raped her in the town's police station in March 1988.

2004-0205 - NZ Herald - Alleged rape victim: I want to see policeman in the dock