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Isaac Boss: - Rugby International; Falsely accused


This page last updated Dec 8 2008

The danger of being a sports star:    

A spokesman for the rugby player said it had been Boss's high profile as an international rugby player that had made him vulnerable to the publicity the rape claims attracted

Boss said the decision not to press charges reflected the "malicious and unfounded" nature of the allegation. The female complainant was a former acquaintance of Boss



6 November 2008 - Isaac Boss name is cleared
Isaac Boss confirmed that no charges would be brought against him following an investigation by the police into the woman's claims. "I have been confident from the outset that these malicious and unfounded allegations against me would be dismissed," Boss said in a written statement. "I have strenuously defended my good name from the outset but it has been a nightmare worrying that the truth would not come out."

While the decision not to bring charges cleared his reputation, the allegation had been "distressing and devastating" for him and his family. "I am grateful for the support of my family, friends and colleagues from rugby and across the sports community throughout this ordeal."

Speaking from Tokoroa this morning, Boss' dad Allan said "we just feel vindicated". "We all knew it was rubbish from the very beginning. This news is a load off his shoulders."

Boss' agent, Kent Hale, said "the false allegations made by a former acquaintance of Isaac's may leave the woman open to prosecution for wasting police time" “It had been Boss's high profile as an international rugby player that had made him vulnerable to the publicity the rape claims attracted.”

14 May 2008; Boss waiting for results of police investigation

Boss, 28, is still waiting to hear whether he will be charged with rape after a complaint was laid last month

13 April 2008; Allegations of rape made

Ex New Zealand rugby player who now plays for Ulster, has been accused of rape. 28 year old Isaac Boss was arrested in Belfast and questioned.

Boss has blasted the accusation which he strenuously denies and is adamant that he will fight tooth and nail to clear his good name In a statement, Boss said: “A woman has made malicious and unfounded allegations against me. “I have been devastated by these damaging and false claims and I will be strenuously defending my good name. “I am moving swiftly and decisively to vindicate my reputation and I am completely confident that my name will be cleared.”




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