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1999-1112 - Truth - Abuse Claims Costing us all  
by Maryvonne Gray - Families apart by child abuse accusations are being urged to back a call for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into what's been dubbed the "sex abuse industry". Gordon and Colleen Waugh, who run Casualties of Sexual Allegations (COSA), say millions of dollars are dished out for ACC claims each year--on little or no evidence.

1999-0222 - The Press - ACC Inquiry
Letters to the Editor, by John Daley - I support the call from Garry Wakefield and Maevis Watson for a full review of ACC operations (February 10). I would go further and suggest that what is required is a royal commission of inquiry into ACC

1999-0215 - Dominion - Victims miss out on ACC
page 8, comments by Wakefield – Thousands of Wellingtonians could be missing out on compensation they are entitled to, says a Christchurch solicitor specialising in ACC claims. Garry Wakefield, of Wakefield Associates, has called for a review of ACC after 4000 people responded to leaflets sent out offering to help accident and trauma victims claim backdated lump-sum payments and allowances

1999-0210 - The Press - Appeal no Deterrent
page 4, comments by Wakefield – An ACC legal appeal is unlikely to deter thousands of people signing up for backdated payouts, says Christchurch solicitor Garry Wakefield. Mr Wakefield's firm has been flooded with inquiries since mailing out a flyer offering to help accident and trauma victims claim backdated lump-sum compensation

1999-0210 - The Press - ACC review call backed
page 4 by Cullen Smith – ACC case officers habitually fail to tell clients what they are entitled to claim, says a Christchurch occupational health specialist.  Trades union health and safety officer and Accident Rehabilitation and Compensation Insurance Corporation advocate Maevis Watson said she repeatedly asked people if they had applied for an independence allowance.

1999-0209 - The Press - Lawyer calls for review of ACC
page 1 by Cullen Smith - Garry Wakefield, of Wakefield Associates
, says a “phenomenal” response to his firm's offer to help accident or trauma victims claim backdated lump-sum payments and allowances shows the ACC is failing its clients

1999-0201 - Herald - People missing ACC payouts
by Tony Stickley -
In the past week, Accident Compensation Services, a division of Wakefield Associates of Christchurch, has been sending out flyers, initially in Auckland and Christchurch, telling people to move quickly if they think they have a claim.